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'Rebuild These Towers'

By Etan Harwayne-Gidansky
New York, NY

There is no greater tribute to those that perished on September 11, 2001 than to make sure that they did not die in vain. We MUST rebuild these towers to prove our resolve, our strength, our determination. Although there are some extraordinarily creative design concepts, it is not the time for aspiring architects to further their careers by exploiting this horrific event. Anything that is not the Twin Towers will cause our hearts to ache with pain.

We have been hurt, but we can heal, if we make the right decisions. I hope that I can tell my future children and grandchildren, "There stand the Twin Towers, it's the same as when I grew up. Terrorists destroyed it, but we are strong and we are brave and we rebuilt it as it was so everyone will know that we are strong and powerful. Those towers are a constant living tribute to those who needlessly died on September 11, 2001. Do not ever forget that. Treasure these towers and love them as I and all of New York does."

What great spirits we will be in when we see the steel of our new Twin Towers restored, a skyline revived, and a city healed.

What a sin it will be for me to stand there in an empty park years from now with my future children and grandchildren. How could I truly explain the impact of 9/11 in an empty park? We know that the terrorists knew of the monumental significance of the Twin Towers, do we? How would I explain to my grandchildren that we as a country were not brave enough, were not strong enough, were not courageous enough to put back what was taken? How would I explain to my grandchildren, looking at lesser buildings that we were hurt, but came back stronger. If those buildings are not restored, what kind of a world would I bring my children into? One of cowards? One of unhealed pain? One of mediocrity? Let us not forget that they didn't have to be the biggest buildings in the world when first built. It was that we were strong and proud, that we made them the tallest. Are we still that now?

I grew up with the Twin Towers and lived in lower Manhattan. For me, and the rest of New York, those towers were a constant reminder for us to be the best that we could be, for us to aspire and to achieve. How will the future generations look at New York? How will the rest of the world view us?

Public opinion shows that most people want those towers back, they want the World Trace Center back, they want to heal, they want to honor those who died, they want to be the greatest city in the world again.

Let us unite to make sure that our wounds heal, that we see our Twin Towers rise like a phoenix. Let us be great for generations to come.

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