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Ground Zero Poll

Ground Zero Poll

1) Practical considerations aside, new buildings at the WTC site should:
    a. Replicate the former Twin Towers
    b. Be designed differently, while similar in size and scope
    c. Be more modest in size
    d. There should be no new buildings

2) For the future of Ground Zero, which of the following priorities do you consider more important?
    a. Making the WTC area a vital place to work and live
    b. Creating a memorial to the victims of 9/11

3) Which comes closest to your view?
    a. The Twin Towers' "footprints" (the ground where the buildings stood) should not be redeveloped for commercial use
    b. Rebuilding over the footprints would be acceptable as long as a suitable memorial to the victims is constructed somewhere

4) If you had to say that a WTC memorial "should serve a particular group," whom among the following do you consider most deserving?
    a. The loved ones of the victims
    b. NYC fire fighters and police officers
    c. The city of New York
    d. All Americans
    e. All citizens of the world

5) The "Tribute in Light" memorial, installed near Ground Zero during March and April of 2001, consisted of two giant beams of light directed into the night sky. (For more information, visit its web site.) How would you rate the "Tribute in Light" memorial?
    a. Excellent
    b. Very Good
    c. Good
    d. Fair
    e. Poor
    f. No Opinion

6) Have you visited Ground Zero since the attack?
    a. Yes
    b. No

7) How important to you is visiting Ground Zero at some point in the future?
    a. Very important
    b. Somewhat important
    c. Not that important

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