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Healthy Workout Food

Everyone knows that when you exercise you need to drink fluids, but did you know that eating can be just as important? When you perform any endurance event, you must watch that you don't suffer from dehydration and hypoglycemia.

How much water should you drink during exercise?

You should try to replenish the fluids you tend to lose when you work out. To find out how much you sweat during a workout, weigh yourself before and after an hour of vigorous exercise. Be sure to get on the scales while naked so you don't weigh the sweat inside your clothes. Then be sure to drink a pint of water for each pound lost.

Is eating solid food during exercise necessary?

Yes. The food you eat before working out should keep you going for the first hour or hour and a half, but after that, take some food with you. Otherwise, your blood sugar will drop and you'll be anxious to stop. If you eat while exercising, you'll feed your brain and that will help control your muscles and mood.

How many calories do you burn during walking?

Generally, a person weighing 120-150 pounds will burn approximately 80 to 100 calories per mile walked. Target higher if you weigh more, are walking fast or you're walking on rugged terrain.

What should you eat?

Sure you can choose the traditionally healthy foods: raisins, apples, carrot sticks, bananas or dried fruit. But ask yourself what tastes good to you. If you love M&Ms and cookies and they give you the calories you need to finish your workout, those might work for you.

When you do long endurance workouts, try different foods and see what works best for your body. Does it taste good? Does it settle well in your stomach during exercise? Can you transport it in a pocket or backpack well? This is your reward for getting out and being active. Make it something to look forward to.