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Keeping a Log Book

Experts say one of the best ways to stay motivated is keeping a record of how much you walk. By keeping a daily log book, it makes you more accountable, builds awareness, and it helps track your progress over time.

What should you put in a log?

At the very least, write down the time and distance you walked, plus the date. But you can also add who you were with, where you walked, how you felt, and where you went. Make it easy for you.

What kind of log should you use?

While there are ready-made walking log books available in book stores full of suggestions and motivating tips, you can also record your walking in a simple notepad or date book. Be sure to keep the log book handy so you'll write in it every day, whether that place is on your bedside table, in your purse, inside your briefcase, or in whatever place you're sure to see it. It's important to get into the habit. At the end of each week, add up your total mileage for the week.

Why is keeping a running total for the week important?

It's a great way to chart your progress. When you look back at your weekly totals, you see how they slowly grow over time. It can also be a warning that you're slacking off if your totals begin to drop.

Try taking our Kick Off Your Walking quiz! According to the answers you give, you'll be given a week-by-week walking program with a log book page you can print out and follow.