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San Francisco opens a public school for Chinese children, but changes it to an evening school two years later, and then closes it entirely.

In spite of continuous efforts from the 1850's onward, the Chinese community will not get regularized PUBLIC EDUCATION until the successful legal challenge almost 30 years later of TAPE vs. HURLEY, CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT (1885) which orders state educators to offer public schooling to 8 year-old Mamie Tape and other Chinese children. The State Education Authorities then maneuvers successfully to circumvent the law by creating separate schools, and mandating that all Chinese and "Mongolian" children be SEGREGATED into them. Therefore, Japanese, Asian Indian, Filipino and Korean children, as they arrive in succession are to be segregated into the officially designated "ORIENTAL SCHOOL."

Counterpart to education restrictions, California passes a 1858 IMMIGRATION LAW to bar entry of "Chinese and Mongolians."