Investigate the story of the city that gave the world democracy.

Athens Premiered Aug. 29

The Acropolis 360° VR

The Acropolis in 3D

Fly above the Acropolis - a sacred hill in the heart of Athens with  the Parthenon on its peak. Beside it is a smaller temple known as the Erechtheion. It's named after Erechtheus, a mythical king of Athens. The ancients believed that the Gods Athena and Poseidon once walked here.

Step inside and you can find out how it was specially designed to preserve the sacred mythology of Athens. The Erechtheion is an enduring monument to the ancient history of this extraordinary city. 

Produced by: BBC Studios/PBS


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Aired: 2018-08-29 54:51 Expires: 2018-09-27 Rating: TV-PG

Darius Arya uses 3D scans to reveal the secrets of ancient Athens, the home of democracy.

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