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"Call The Midwife" Bloggers and Stations Connect Past To Present

Call The Midwife
April 1, 2019
By Beatrice Alvarez

The eighth season of "Call The Midwife" is here and we couldn’t be happier to revisit Nonnatus House. But we also get sad because, let’s face it: maternity and childbirth throw all the emotions into a blender. While the show takes place in very different times (this season transports us to 1964), many of the topics the characters face are ones still confronted by women today.

Modern-Day Midwives Tell Their Stories

Every week we are lucky enough to hear from the "Call The Midwife" bloggers who connect each episode’s fictional events to their true-life experiences in midwifery. This season we have three returning and one new contributor who will shine light on the complex issues faced in their field. Get to know the bloggers and follow their posts all season long.

Nashville Public Television also provides modern midwife perspectives throughout the season. Midwives from Vanderbilt University School of Nursing blog weekly, offering context to each episode.

Some of our local stations will be recapping and chit-chatting all things Nonnatus, too:

Modern-Day Midwives Making an Impact

While the bloggers offer their personal stories, NewsHour highlights the positive impact one clinic's midwives have had on racial disparities in care. This story reminds us that more women in America die from pregnancy-related complications than in any other developed country in the world, and black women are most affected. Midwives play a key role in improving health outcomes by giving holistic care.

Meet A Barrier-Breaking Midwife From The Late 1800s

South Florida PBS introduces us to Mille Gildersleeve, an African-American pioneer who was the only midwife in what is now Palm Beach County, FL. She lived there in the late 1800s and was also an active member of her community. Her story is made more remarkable by the fact that her great great great grandson continues her legacy of service to the people of South Florida.

Have there been any moments while watching "Call The Midwife" that resonated with you? Did you think there were stories of midwifery that seemed like they could happen in any decade? Nonnatus is calling us... and we're ready to answer (on a rotary phone.)

Also, the first episode is now available to stream online on the PBS App in case you missed it on the telly! And don't forget to catch our gif recaps every week.

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