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Celebrate Gourd Times, Come On!

October 21, 2020

By Madisson Haynes

Fall may not be everyone’s favorite season, but what's there not to love? The colors, the flavors, the activities — Autumn is full of dimensions and potential. Take a weekend and do all of your Fall favorites, starting with the basics.

Here are some videos to get the pumpkin rolling on this Fall season. You can watch these videos and many more on the PBS Video App.

Maize and Pumpkins

Nothing screams "Fall" more than pumpkin patches, but they have a whole new meaning once you learn the purpose of a patch. Pumpkin patches provide local seasonal jobs, nourishment and extent the growing season. In this episode of Farm to Fork Wyoming, we'll learn about the importance of pumpkin patches, plus we'll discover the deep cultural ties Native Americans today have to some of their most impressive ancestral gifts to the world: corn and squash.

Live Green Tennessee

Just like snowflakes, every pumpkin patch is different. On this episode of Live Green Tennessee, we visit Walden Farm in Smyrna, Mountain Meadows Farm in Knoxville, and Mrs. B’s Pumpkin Patch in Lebanon.

Lapsley Orchard

Fall is great for many reasons, and one of them is apple picking. Lapsley Orchard in Pomfret, Connecticut is run by John and Patti Wolcheski, first-generation farmers who raise a variety of vegetables and oversee an orchard on land that was originally purchased from King George. Their state-of-the-art farming efforts have resulted in an expansion of food offerings, and they now also manage an indoor farm shop featuring retail products from other local farms, courtesy of Harvesting Connecticut.

Apple Pie

One of the other many reasons to appreciate Autumn: Apple pie. Homemade apple pie is a great way to appreciate the season. Plus the diversity and versatility of apples goes beyond Golden Delicious. This apple pie, courtesy of Kitchen Vignettes, might be the sweetest way to celebrate.

Haunted Houses

Is it really Fall without Halloween and all things spooky? With Halloween being during such uncertain circumstances, haunted houses are making changes and taking extra precautions.

Why Do We Like Being Scared?

Spooky stuff is fun, and there's a reason behind why we enjoy being scared. In this clip from NOVA, we explore what would happen if a neuroscientist designed a haunted house. Would you dare to enter?

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