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Native American Heritage Month Spotlight: Environmental Stewards

The Seven Generation River | America ReFramed

November 23, 2020

By Beatrice Alvarez

This week we celebrate Native American Heritage Month with a nod to the care for the environment that make up Indigenous ways of life. These documentaries explore Native American traditions that demand ecological stewardship for today and future generations alike.

Water Warriors | POV

This short film from POV shows a community of Indigenous and white families come together to protect their water from damaging energy exploration.

The Seven Generation River | Local, USA

Environmental restoration of a river is not simply about clean water today, it is about preserving traditions for future generations. Learn about the Pokagon group of Potawatomi Indians in the Great Lakes region, for whom water is sacred, in this documentary from Local, USA.

My Louisiana Love | America ReFramed

In learning about her past, Monique Verdin sees how environmental degradation of her family's homeland in Louisiana has also chipped away at their cultural traditions. This is an eye-opening documentary from America ReFramed and might make you see Louisiana bayous in a new light.

Burning a Forest to Revive a People | Native America

In recent years, wildfires have ravaged communities like never before. Many are looking to the traditional Indigenous ways of using fire to care for the land, as many Native American tribes did before they were moved onto reservations. Learn more about it in this interview from the Native America series.

The Blessing | America ReFramed

The Blessing (from America ReFramed) premieres on November 24 and it tells the story of a Navajo man, father, and coal miner, who wrestles with his cultural ties to a sacred mountain damaged by coal production.

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