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Vietnam: A Television History
This is the Web site companion for the outstanding American Experience series, "Vietnam: A Television History." Like the program, this expansive site documents the conflict that changed a generation and analyzes the costs and consequences of this controversial war. Site contents include:

  • Who's Who: Learn who the role players were in the war.
  • Vietnam Timeline: This timeline chronicles key history from 1945 to 1997.
  • Reflections on a War: Vietnamese and American survivors of the war look back on their experiences.
  • In the Trenches: From weapons to the My Lai Massacre to MIAs, learn more about the fighting in Vietnam.

Hitchhiking Vietnam
When the Karin Muller decided she wanted to take a long journey, write a book, and immerse herself in another culture, she chose to travel to Vietnam. Journey with Karin through contemporary Vietnam, and see what has changed decades after the war. Site contents include:

Re: Vietnam -- Stories Since the War
This award-winning, ground-breaking site showcases the stories of Vietnam veterans and anti-war protesters in the years since the war, providing a gathering place for complex personal stories and an opportunity to listen and respond to people with very different experiences.

  • Selected Stories: From veterans to anti-war protestors, read the stories of those who experienced the war.
  • Dialog: Follow a gripping discussion of war and its meaning.