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A to Z summary of Franklin
a Abolitionist | Almanac maker | Advertiser
b Balloon enthusiast | Bifocals inventor
c Composer | Cartoonist | Civic Citizen | Chess Player
d Deist | Diplomat | Daylight Savings advocate
e Enlightenment thinker | Electricity pioneer | Experimenter | Entrepreneur
f Founding Father | Flirt | Fire fighter
g Glass Armonica creator | Gulf Stream mapper | Genius
h Humorist | Health nut
i Inventor | International celebrity | Insurer
j Junto creator | Journalist
k Kite flyer
l Librarian | Lightning rod inventor | Londoner
m Medical Engineer | Militia member | Mathematician | Mason
n Natural philosopher
o Organizer (militia, fire dept., street cleaning) | Odometer maker
p Printer | Public relations master | Publisher | Prankster
q Questioner | Quartermaster | Quintessential American
r Revolutionary | Reader
s Scientist | Swimmer | Self-made man
t Traveler | Treaty signer
u University builder
v Volunteer | Visionary | Vegetarian (temporarily)
w Writer | Weight lifter
x Xenophile
y Young prodigy | Yankee | Yarn spinner
z Zealot