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how shocking
Franklin's experiments helped scientists to unravel some of the mysteries of electricity. Now you can make a spark, fly a kite, and build a lightning rod in this interactive electrical experience.

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bens town
Franklin was a civic-minded person who continually looked for ways to make life better. Walk down the street in "Ben's Town" and learn how Franklin helped improve your life.

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worldly ways
Franklin crossed the Atlantic Ocean eight times and lived abroad for almost a third of his life. Travel with Franklin around the globe and discover his influence at home and abroad.

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virtue quiz
From Poor Richard's wise sayings to his own self-improvement plans, Franklin was always interested in how people could lead better lives. How do you compare with Ben in the virtue department? Take this quick quiz and find out.

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make a kite
We all know that Ben flew a kite to discover electricity in the air, but did you know he also used kite power to pull him across the water while swimming in a pond? Check out Ben's kite design and make one of your own.

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