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Before you embark on the Arctic Journeys, start with some Arctic Explorations. In this section, student archaelogists can have fun exploring ideas and objects from the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska. Bessie Cuss
  • In the Artifact Challenge, learn how professional archaelogists evaluate artifacts and then test your own skills by identifying 10 items from the Bering Land Bridge. When you're done, help the pros identify a mystery object from Alaska's past.
  • Next, examine the importance of the past and culture by pariticipating in our Culture Contest. You can even enter and compete for prizes and the chance to be published on our Web site!
  • Can you collect clues and use them to investigate theories? Searching for the Past puts your investigative skills to the test.
  • And finally, we want you to Ask About Alaska. If your class is registered to participate in Arctic Journeys, you can submit a video or audio tape of your questions about Alaska. Your question may even appear in our television broadcast!

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