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Welcome to Alaska! Join us for an an Electronic Field Trip to the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. It is a place with a rich history and environment that makes exploring and learning fun. The Travel Guide introduces you to our destination -- Alaska's Bering Land Bridge, also know as Beringia.

stretching hide Visiting Beringia explains what makes this remote region of Alaska such an interesting and significant place for students to visit.

Did you know that polar bears reach the Bering Land Bridge by travelling from Canada on floating ice? Explore the History and Culture of the Bering Land Bridge to find out these and other facts about our field trip destination.

Any trip needs a good tour guide -- we've got several! Meet Your Guides and find out why they think Alaska is such a cool place to live and to study.

Your guides also appear in the accompanying television broadcast of Arctic Journeys. See two Park Rangers exploring the Arctic coast in a Sneak Preview of one video segment, presented here as photos and captions.

Once you learn more about your destination in the Travel Guide, explore the rest of our Web site to find mysteries, contests, quizzes and more in Explorations. Can an entire classroom take a field trip to Alaska? Teachers can find out more in the How to Order and Teacher Notes sections. Classes who have registered to participate will want to check in as Ticket Holders to continue their journeys.

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