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The Learning Plan
We believe that the learning materials accompanying an Electronic Field Trip to Beringia Land Bridge National Preserve should focus the attention of student groups on the crucial issues or questions associated with Beringia. As they take their electronic journey they will gather and analyze a body of knowledge, determine its application to their question to be resolved, and demonstrate their understanding by drafting a resolution for others to read and to which they can respond.

During the journey students will be provided with a wide variety of sources to peruse, as well as suggestions and advice to help them with their task. These sources will include video, Internet links, e-mail and video conferencing with experts in Beringia and experts in their own environment.

At journey's end, students will find a space within this Web site to publish their own reports and resolutions and to read those of their peers. They will be invited to extend the paths they have traveled with us at PBS and the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve into areas of study or interest inspired by their journey.

The Learning Journey
Each Learning Journey begins with an introduction to a specific question to be resolved that arises from the material presented in video stories. The question will be appropriate to student abilities and will be representative of real-world issues.

Following this introduction the task, or Briefing, will be outlined. The completion of the task requires a working group of students who will be given specific roles to play. Students can use the task outline to help them track their progress. Information about the expertise needed by members of the group will be presented in this section.

Using the Internet and the video, electronic research will be outlined for each of the designated student roles. Specific papers, data and experiments located on the Web will be linked for easy student access. Links will include primary documentation, databases of pictures, maps and statistics, and appropriate research papers.

Students will be directed to specific points throughout the journey to download directions for experiments or learning activities from the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. These will help them discover important data, or clarify the application of data, to understanding their question. They will also be directed to review specific segments from the video field trip and may contact experts by e-mail for various questions.

Suggestions for ways to organize information into a coherent and creative report will be given in the form of links to complete organizational frameworks, such as timelines, concept maps, decision trees and pictorial displays.

The student team's published conclusions on the Web site will complete the learning journey. We advise participants to read other participants' resolutions and send their comments via e-mail through the PBS Web site. Comments from the experts who participated in the field trip also will be invited.

Before leaving the site, student teams will be asked to review what they have learned and envision other paths they might take stemming from or inspired by their journey to Beringia.

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