Excerpts from nine songs featured in the film and on the original Buena Vista Social Club CD, background information on each, lyrics (in English and Spanish), and photographs.       

An interview with musician/producer Ry Cooder about the recording of the Buena Vista Social Club CD from December 15, 1997 in Los Angeles by Betto Arcos,  host of The Global Village, Pacifica Radio (KPFK-Los Angeles).  With transcript.

Biography and discography of Ry Cooder, whose career is marked by a voracious eclecticism and a hunger for musical growth, having collaborated with virtuosos as stylistically diverse as Flaco Jimenez and Gabby Puahuni in the 70s and V.M. Bhatt and Ali Farka Toure in the early 90s.

A multi media exploration of the roots of Cuban music through an interactive musical map of Cuba, a music timetable and a polyrhythmic demonstration breaking down the basic rhythmic structures of classical Afro-Cuban sounds.

Definitions of key Latin musical terms such as clave, son, tumbao as well as brief biographies of major Cuban musicians from Arsenio Rodriguez to Chano Pozo to Gonzalo Rubalcaba.