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Talking Timbuktu (with Ali Farka Tour), 1995

Music by Ry Cooder, Warner Archives, 1995

A Meeting by the River (with V.M. Bhatt), Water Lily Acoustics, 1993

The Slide Area, Warner Bros. Records, 1992

The Boderline, Warner Bros. Records, 1980

Bop Till  You Drop, Warner Bros. Records, 1978

Jazz, Warner Bros. Records 1978

Chicken Skin Music, Reprise Records, 1976

Paradise and Lunch, Reprise, 1974

Boomerâs Story, Warner Bros. Records, 1972

Into the Purple Valley, Reprise Records, 1972

Ry Cooder, Warner Archives, 1970


In addition, Cooder has produced and performed soundtrack music for the following films: Paris Texas, The End of Violence, The Long Riders, The Border, Street of Fire, Crossroads, Trespass, Geronimo: An American Legend, Last Man Standing, Primary Colors, Dead Man Walking. 


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