Supporting Healthy Spaces for Midwives

Posted by Katie Moriarty on

Katie Moriarty looks at having a personal voice and support for health care workers, and a recent focus on trying to achieve joy within your workplace.

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When Pregnancy Triggers Violence

Posted by Andrea Altomaro on

Andrea Altomaro discusses how and why it can be difficult to uncover domestic abuse.

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What Time Cannot Erase

Posted by Deborah McBain on

Deborah McBain reflects on more than 20 years of Midwifery, and the struggles of giving up the role of health care provider to become the care receiver.

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PBS and Detroit Public Television have partnered with experienced midwives to discuss their role in modern obstetrics and how things have changed in relation to Call the Midwife, which takes place in the 1950s and 1960s. Learn More

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