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July 1, 1898: Victory in San Juan Heights

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Soldiers on San Juan Hill On July 1, 1898, the United States military achieved the most significant land victory of the Spanish-American War—the battle of San Juan, Cuba. On June 22, 1898, General William R. Shafter and the Fifth Corps landed in Daiquiri to begin the land approach to San Juan, located on the outskirts of Santiago,

One of the most recognized images of the Spanish-American War is that of Theodore Roosevelt charging up San Juan and Kettle Hill. The story of Roosevelt riding with his Rough Riders was celebrated by newspapers and popular songs. Although Roosevelt and his Rough Riders did distinguish themselves in battle, Roosevelt was not the only leader of the victories in San Juan Heights. Brigadier General Jacob Ford Kent, General Samuel S. Sumner, John Coulter Bates, and General Henry W. Lawton were also important leaders in the battles around San Juan. When U.S. troops won the battles of San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill, the siege and Spanish surrender of Santiago followed.


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