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Unlock the Mysteries of Deep Space in Your Classroom

Bring "Mysteries of Deep Space" into the classroom with these great lesson plans:

Episode 1 "To the Edge of the Universe"

Episode 2 "Exploding Stars and Black Holes"

Episode 3 "The Search for Alien Worlds"

Dear Educator:

Welcome to the classroom activities for the "Mysteries of Deep Space" Web site!

These lesson plans were developed for high school science classrooms (with some extensions for middle schools) and are designed to help students investigate such concepts as time travel, velocity, wavelength and frequency.

Each lesson plan contains a set of instructional objectives, some background information, the target grade level, a list of the materials needed, the procedures and additional Web resources.

New discoveries in space are being made every day, and we hope that these lesson plans introduce students to the mysteries of space and generate some lively discussion in your classroom. In addition, using the Internet with your students will allow them to actively learn about the latest discoveries and even observe the images provided by the Hubble Telescope.

Anne Tweed and Brenton Burnett
Eaglecrest High School
Aurora, Colorado

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