Trivia Challenge

Episode 3, "The Search for Alien Worlds"

1. How far from Earth is the Orion Nebula?

a. One million miles
b. 10 light-years
c. 1500 light-years

2. The first planet detected outside the solar system was orbiting what star?

a. 51 Pegasi
b. Supernova 1987A
c. Jupiter

3. How fast does the sun move under the pull of Jupiter's gravity?

a. 12 meters per second
b. 186,000 miles per second
c. 65 miles per hour

4. What planet was named by the Romans after the God of Battle?

a. Europa
b. Mars
c. Neptune

5. What were moon creatures called in the 19th century?

a. Welwitchians
b. Suricates
c. Selenites

6. In what year did David Todd convince the US Armed Services to listen for Martian radio communications?

a. 1924
b. 1972
c. 1890

7. What is the name of the probe now on its way to explore the surface of Mars?

a. Sidewinder
b. Apollo
c. Pathfinder

8. What mineral may contain fossils that are evidence of primitive life forms on Mars?

a. Sulfuric acid
b. Carbonates
c. Crystals

9. What moon on Jupiter may contain primitive life forms?

a. Oberon
b. Triton
c. Europa

10. What future telescope is expected to advance the search for earth-like planets?

a. X-ray telescope
b. Space borne interferometer
c. Gamma ray observatory

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