Reader's Digest World Presents The Living Edens Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La
Teaching Bhutan

Introduction to the Science Lessons

These lessons were designed to extend and enhance the video presentation about one of the most beautiful and unspoiled spots left on Earth. The Bhutan residents respect and revere their surroundings and have learned to read the cycles of nature. They exist as part of the ecosystem rather than as an outsider determined to modify and change their surroundings.

The first of the three science activities explores both the cycles of the earth and the physical processes that have shaped the land to produce the paradise known as Bhutan. Through a deceptively simple process, the earth is folded and cracked into magnificent peaks and valleys We use a simple model, a sandwich, to learn how these landforms were created and the structures they contain. In the second activity, the power of water molds the land with rivers and streams into the nutrients needed to support life. The last of the science activities examines how the climate creates patterns of movement in the organisms as they move from summer to winter homes and back in a regular cycle. We can follow similar patterns in organisms around the world as they migrate from one area to another.

These lessons are open to interpretation and revision as they are modified for use in your classroom. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please email your suggestions to PBS Online.

Robert Frostick
Science Teacher
John Adams Junior High School
Charleston, West Virginia

About the Science Lesson Plans Author

Robert Frostick, is a science teacher at John Adams Junior High School in Charleston, West Virginia. During his last 19 years of teaching, Mr. Frostick has received a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship in 1993; the Technology & Learning Teacher of the Year, U.S. Northeast Region, 1997; Presidential Conservation Education Awards, 1982 & 1983: a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, state level, 1992; Geological Society of America Award for Excellence in Earth Science Teaching, 1993; and was the Jay Cee's Outstanding Young Educator in W.V. in 1994.


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