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Balikpapan Orangutan Society
BOS is a non-profit organization that helps sponsor a reintroduction program for confiscated orangutans at the Wanariset Station on the island of Borneo. Its mission is to give financial support to the Wanariset Orangutan Reintroduction Center, to support outreach education locally and in remote areas where wild orangutans still survive, and to increase world wide recognition of the problem.

The Borneo Bulletin
The Borneo Bulletin is the only English daily newspaper that is published in Borneo's Brunei Darussalam, a country with one of the highest per capita incomes in Asia. The Borneo Bulletin is the main source of information for the latest local, regional and international news.

Borneo Online
Planning a trip to Borneo? Then plan on visiting Borneo Online. You'll find everything from tourist information to the inside scoop on Borneo culture.

The Borneo Project
The Borneo Project works with rainforest communities in Sarawak, Malaysia to promote local initiatives for human rights, environmental justice and small-scale economic development. It spreads awareness through information exchange, educational outreach and citizen diplomacy.

Borneo Research Council
The Council is composed of an international group of scholars engaged in research in Borneo. Its goals include promoting scientific research in the social, biological, and medical sciences in Borneo, and permitting the research community, interested Borneo government departments, and others to keep abreast of ongoing research.

Cicada Songs From Borneo
Among the loudest animal voices in southeast Asian rain forests are those of the cicada. Listesn to their loud, bizarre sounds at this site, which provides acoustic examples recorded in Borneo's Kinabalu National Park.

Nature: Orangutans -- Just Hangin' On
Journey into the Asian rainforest to meet endangered apes. Find out what's being done to save the wild orangutan, and learn about this animal's startling intelligence and ability to use tools.

News Straits Time Publication Interactive (NSTPI)
Looking for the latest news information about Mayalsia? Look no further. You'll find up-to-the-minute reports about every aspect of Malaysian culture at this online newspaper.

Penan: Endangered People of the Borneo Rain Forest
Photographer David Hiser showcases the Penan people, indigenous to Sarawak state of Malaysia, and one of the last existing nomadic hunter-gather groups in the world. According to Hiser, the Penan are fighting a desperate battle to protect the remaining rain forest that has been their home for countless generations.

Sarawak Online
Head to the official Web site of Sarawak, one of the Malaysian provinces found on the geographical landmass of Borneo, and you'll find information about almost every aspect of the region. Highlights include commercial agriculture, economy, forestry, government, and more.

Saving Borneo's Rain Forests
Despite its animal richness, which is complemented by vast tracts of tropical rain forest, mangrove swamp, and peat forest, southern Borneo's Tanjung Puting National Park faces a battalion of threats, from mining, poaching, and other extractive activities to human settlement along the park's edges. See watch Earthwatch is doing about it.

Tree Genera of Borneo
What kinds of trees grow in Borneo? James K. Jarvie, a research associate at Harvard University's Arnold Arboretum, has compiled an incredible list of the trees of Borneo, complete with images for nearly every tree. Better bring your Latin, though -- all trees are identified by their scientific names.

U.S. State Department: Indonesia
Get all the basic facts about Indonesia from the Web site of the U.S. Department of State. The site provides excellent basic information on Indonesia, home to half of Borneo; the rest of the island is part of Malaysia.

U.S. State Department: Malaysia
Cross into Malaysia and find out about the other nation that shares the island of Borneo. This fact sheet includes information about the geography, people, government and economy of Malaysia, courtesy of the U.S. Department of State.

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