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Thanks for exploring these lesson plans which are designed to accompany "The Living Edens: Borneo" Web site. The lesson plans were created to complement the video presentation and extend its content. They were developed to provide interesting, hands-on science for middle school students; however, the lessons can be adapted for use with elementary and secondary students too. Each lesson can also be modified to be conducted at home. The Living Edens: Borneo brings a rich visual picture of the interactions of organisms to the screen and to the Web and these lessons will bring some of the unique features of the exotic island of Borneo to your classroom.

These lessons are open to interpretation and modification for use in your classroom.

Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Please email your suggestions to
PBS Online.

About the Classroom Resources Author

Robert Frostick, is a science teacher at John Adams Junior High School in Charleston, West Virginia. During his last 19 years of teaching, Mr. Frostick has received a Christa McAuliffe Fellowship in 1993; the Technology & Learning Teacher of the Year, U.S. Northeast Region, 1997; Presidential Conservation Education Awards, 1982 & 1983: a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, state level, 1992; Geological Society of America Award for Excellence in Earth Science Teaching, 1993; and was the Jay Cee's Outstanding Young Educator in W.V. in 1994.

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