The Living Edens-Etosha: In the Wild-Bullfrog
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The BullfrogThe Bullfrog
During Etosha's dry season, the African bullfrog lies dormant in a burrow beneath the ground. But as the first raindrops of the rainy season fall, the ground softens, and the bullfrogs emerge.

A Monster of a Frog
Compared to many other frogs, African bullfrogs are enormous. Male bullfrogs have been known to grow to almost eight inches in size. Females tend to be significantly smaller. Right after the rains begin, males search for a new mate. When a female has been chosen, the male will sit upon her, literally covering her completely. The female then releases hundreds of eggs, which the male immediately fertilizes.

The Bullfrog

A Sight, A Sound
When a bullfrog is roused, it's a sight for sore eyes and a sound for the ears, too. An excited bullfrog makes a low, croaking sound, and swells up its body like a balloon.

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