Instructions for making simple bookSimple book
step 1 1. Fold a piece of regular white duplicating paper in half, width-wise.
step 2, flat 2. Measure, on the fold, three inches from the left margin and mark. Measure one more inch and make a second mark. Draw lines perpendicular to the fold that extend on both sides of the fold for one inch. This is going to be the pop-up portion. Cut along the marks but DO NOT cut across the top and bottom. You are not trying to cut out a block, the paper between these cuts is folded to form the pop-up.
step 2 folded
step 3 3. Fold the tab inside to make the pop-up. You may have more than one pop-up on each
step 6 4. Make an outline of the material that you plan to put on each page of the book.

5. Draw a quick illustration of what you plan to paste to the pop-up tab of each page.
Select the color of the page.

6. Fold the papers, and color the background for each page. Write the text on the bottom
of each page. Draw the pictures that will go on the pop-ups, color and cut-out for each

step 8 7. Design the cover for your book. Draw and color.

8. Glue the pop-ups into place and then glue the pages together. Glue the cover around
the book (figures 4 and 5).
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