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Dr. Adam Britton

Adam Britton is a zoologist with a lifelong obsession with crocodilians, which has led him around the world studying their natural history, conservation, and relationships with people. He is now employed in a dream job as crocodile research officer for Wildlife Management International in Darwin, Australia. His research interests are extremely wide, although current projects concentrate on population dynamics and management of saltwater crocodile populations, crocodilian reproductive biology, and bioacoustics. He's also involved in collaborative research on crocodilians in the United States, West Africa and elsewhere, and tries to pass on his enthusiasm about crocs through the Internet, public presentations and natural history films.

Ian Morris

Ian Morris was a science teacher in aboriginal schools in Arnhem Land and established an aboriginal ranger training program in Kakadu National Park in the late 1970s. After many successive courses, aboriginal staff work at all levels of Kakadu Park management in a "joint management" arrangement with the Commonwealth government. Black and white rangers now carry on a mixture of traditional and modern land management in Kakadu on behalf of the traditional owners and the federal leasing authority, Parks Australia. Currently, Morris works as a freelance environmental educator.


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