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PBS Online: NATURE, A Lemur's Tale
Open a revealing window into life -- and death -- with a look at these rare animals. A LEMUR'S TALE tells the bittersweet tale of baby Ring-tailed lemurs, including an unusual near-albino infant named Sapphire, learning to survive in their treetop homes. Some leap exuberantly into adulthood. Others, however, cannot overcome the many dangers that wait in the forest.

The Peregrine Fund: Madagascar Field Project
Join scientists as they explore the diversity of species that exist only in Madagascar, and the very high rates of habitat loss due to human disturbance.

World Wildlife Fund
Join WWF as they work to save the "naturalist's promised land." Learn the importance of saving Madagascar's Tropical Dry Forest. Poverty and the pressure of population growth, combined with rapid deforestation, are threatening to destroy this unique time capsule of evolution.

The Duke Primate Center
Web surfers will find extensive information on Madagascar – the “Rainbow Island” – at Duke University’s Primate Center Web site.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Explore the exotic flora of Madagascar at the Missouri Botanical Garden Web site. Web green thumbs can also view a plethora of beautiful photographs, read papers on vegetation and biogeography, and peruse a photo essay on biodiversity and conservation.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
Search this site for comprehensive info on the animals of Madagascar including: Geographic Range, Physical Characteristics, Natural History, Food Habits, Reproduction, Behavior, Habitat and status as endangered species.

Godric's Lemur Gallery
Enjoy a fun site full of pictures, sounds and the latest information about the Lemurs of Madagascar.

Discovery Channel Online: Humpbacks of Madagascar
Go along on an expedition, researching daily reports with audio and video, whale behavior, migration, and more.

Explore Madagascar!
Take a breathtaking tour of this delightful island and her people. Madagascar is an Eden-like garden of riches, filled with a diversity of life and geography unequaled anywhere else on earth.

Conservation International
Help protect Madagascar against threats of deforestation, poverty, economic underdevelopment, and political instability. Conservation International (CI) is a
field-based, non-profit organization that protects the Earth's biologically richest areas and helps the people who live there improve their quality of life.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Find out more about Madagascar's largest protected area, the Masoala National Park, as it celebrates its first anniversary.

Greatest Places Online
Looking for Weird and Wild? Well, here is everything on Madagascar - jump into the forest and find out about lemurs, watch a chameleon catch live food, play the Madagascar solitaire game or read Dr. Keen's notes on Madagascar. Why is the Baobab the national symbol? Maybe you'd like to send a Madagascar postcard? Ever heard of a giant hissing cockroach?


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