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The 3 R’s for Teacher Self-Care: Reflect. Release. Recharge.

Teachers have been put to the test this year. There is no doubt about it. In this pandemic era, schools are dealing with rapidly shifting mandates around vaccines and masks, teacher/staff absences due to COVID, increases in violence among students, teacher/staff strikes for better work conditions and pay, more students with mental health concerns, larger special education and counseling caseloads, job insecurity surrounding personal health choices, strained relationships between teachers and school leaders, and now trauma associated...

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From Our Teachers, #TeacherAppreciationDay2022

We want to share our appreciation and gratitude for the educators that are changing the world every day. Read these short journal entries from educators across the country on what they were inspired by or what they discovered in the past few years.

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Little Learners Bloom with the Teach Your Way Collection

Growing as a reader. Growing as a writer. Exploring the 5 senses. Understanding spatial skills. These early learning skills are some that every teacher strives to teach their young learners. PBS LearningMedia helps children learn these necessary skills and gain confidence, grow and blossom. Find the whole resource set in the Teach Your Way collection of PBS LearningMedia. 

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Using Media for Classroom Learning and FUN

The daily to-do list, the daily news, the daily schedule - how in the world can we as educators be thinking about FUN!? It's the last thing on our minds. And, if we as adults feel like we are getting lost in our days, what about our learners? We know that classroom curriculum can come off as repetitive and not engaging, but don't worry. We are here to offer some simple ways to spice up your days and spark classroom engagement and fun through media integration into your classroom. Whether it's co-viewing videos, reimagining...

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Why Teach Asian American* History

Asian Americans have been a crucial thread within the fabric of our nation since the first people from Asia came and settled here many centuries ago. As early as the 1500s, centuries before the U.S. was even formed, Filipino sailors and indentured servants settled in parts of what is now Louisiana. Many of these “Manilamen” came to fight alongside the U.S. during the War of 1812. 

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Girl Power: 5 Powerful Women in Literature

As educators, we must make a commitment, for our students, to implement works from a variety of authors. We need to show our students what they are capable of, regardless of their gender. However, while Women’s History Month is a great way to start changing the dynamic in our classrooms, we shouldn’t stop once March is over. 

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Celebrating Black History with Children’s Books by Black Authors

While we recognize the daily contributions made by Black Americans, we must celebrate and honor all things Black during February.

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Experimenting and Exploring the Wonders of Nature with Young Learners

As teachers began the 2021 school year, we may have discovered many lapses in our students’ social skills. Without regular access to extended family members and friends because of the pandemic, we’ve had to specifically target teaching and practicing the ever important social skills that are foundational to learning. I'm excited to share a few of my class's favorite lessons -- keep reading for fun, engaging ways to learn about the changing seasons. 

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The Boundlessness of Black Joy: Reshaping the Narrative

The Black experience in America is not a monolith. Traditionally, especially during Black History Month, we hear a silhouetted story of slavery, the civil rights era/Jim Crow, and countless advocates and allies that work tirelessly in the fight for racial equity. Shaping a new narrative is important to me; one that can be told in classrooms alongside the history. A narrative that highlights the love, successes, power, and flourishing lives of Black Americans today. One that showcases to our emerging leaders and learners that they...

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