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You Have an Anti-Racist Book List - Now What?

If you’ve been given a list of books about discrimination or race but are not so comfortable about discussing them, my first words of advice are to get comfortable first. That may seem easier said than done but it does involve some practice and preparation. Here are some tips from my experience.

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5 Ways to Learn, Explore and Celebrate Winter All Year

Winter activities and books are fun for all because not all students know what winter is like. Winter is the perfect time to introduce students to different customs, cultures, animals, activities, and more to explore the world. Have fun learning about the most wonderful time of the year, all year long!

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PBS LearningMedia Presents POV Watch Club

Every month, PBS will showcase a POV documentary for you to screen at home. POV is television’s longest-running showcase for independent nonfiction films. Together, we will provide you with free access to a POV documentary highlighting intimate storytelling and contemporary social issues. The last week of the month, we will release an “aftershow” - a short segment that highlights how this film can be used in classrooms and dives into relevant social issues in each film. We'll share free lesson plans, reading lists, and...

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Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better

As we do this work of reflection and growth, it is our responsibility as educators to better understand how media can manipulate facts, truths, and histories. We need to provide the learners in our care with the tools they will need to discern fact from fiction, propaganda from informational texts, and perhaps most importantly - history from harmful mythologies. As you take lessons from this moment, it is crucial to cultivate these critical media literacy skills within your professional practice as you continue deepening your...

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Supporting One Another After Crisis

We often bring current events into the classroom. Before doing so, it is crucial to research, learn, and process information, so you are clear on what you want to discuss and what you want students to take away from your time together. Here are ways we can support one another before we hold space and conversations with students, especially after moments of crisis. 

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10 Resources for your Classroom in 2021

This year has been full of compromises especially when it comes to learning. This one's for you and there is no need to compromise. In this New Year, there is nothing you can’t overcome in your classrooms - look at all the things you accomplished in 2020! With these PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia resources ready at hand, this year is a new opportunity to engage with your students and inspire them with resources for the classroom, ideas for out of school activities, teaching tips, toolkits, and more. 

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Rethinking HOW We Teach

I invite you to reflect on your current ideology. How do you view your students and their abilities? How does this manifest in your pedagogy as well as your choices and interactions? What are short-term and long-term outcomes when it comes to student learning, well-being, and growth? 

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Supporting Students by Showing Up for Ourselves

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like if one more thing went wrong that it would push you over the edge? You are not alone! 2020 has felt like 10 years in one, and there is no escaping the stressors of a global pandemic, catastrophic forest fires, school closings, extended quarantines, canceled trips, social distancing, racial injustices and all of the polarity messages we receive from social media on a daily basis. But the story doesn’t have to stop here. My relationship with stress has transformed from a place...

Voices in Education

Unlearning Thanksgiving: Centering Indigenous Youth Voice | Part 2

It’s important for people to take the time to educate themselves and change the narrative of Thanksgiving by taking the power away from the colonial aspect of the holiday and placing that power into family values.

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