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Girl Power: Women Who Make an Impact in the World of Civics

Through the intentional reflection of whose voices are included and represented when lesson planning, we are given the power to change what stories our students know. Educators can become advocates for the inclusion of women’s history, and immerse their female students in the possibility that they too can be change makers. Here are 5 resources from PBS LearningMedia that elevate women who have made, or are currently making an impact through civic engagement.

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Are You Filtering PBS LearningMedia Resources by Standards Yet?

We know that every day in the classroom you’ve got a seemingly endless list of tasks to perform and planning to do and never enough time to get it all done. We want to help you use that limited time as efficiently as possible so have made some platform tweaks with that in mind.

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Making Black America: Pathways for Learning

History fills students with narratives that help make sense of the world around us – be it global, national, or local relationships. Studying history can inspire and motivate us, improve our decision-making and judgment. History helps us understand other cultures and ourselves, builds citizenship and civic engagement, and can provide insight into present-day problems. We can learn about past conflicts and learn how communities can rise above and provide strength, unity, and resources in the absence of that support, and create a...

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An Ode to Educator Self Care

At the start of this school year I was met with that distinct classroom smell as I opened the door to my classroom. It was a combination of books, dry air, and the lingering water from the AC vents. My thoughts instantly spiraled: How do I get rid of that smell? Are the vents working? What’s my plan for filtering the air? Am I allowed to mandate masks? What are the latest covid procedures for my specific school site? As educators we know that these thoughts aren’t just reserved for the back-to-school season, they can occur...

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Art, Culture, and Education: A Conversation with Choctaw Artist Kristin Gentry

Indigenous tribes and cultures are often misrepresented in both the media and curriculum of our classrooms. In this conversation, Choctaw Nation citizen Kristin Gentry provides insight on misconceptions of indigenous people, educates on her Choctaw heritage, and provides pathways for educators on ways to enrich the education of students with accurate representations and historical information on Indigenous people. 

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WHAT Is Media Literacy and HOW Can Simple Shifts Center It

Think of all the things you read in a day—emails, books, and the news. What about Facebook posts, Instagram captions, Tweets, editorials, ads, and subtitles? How about maps, memes, and infographics? Do you read each in the same way? Likely, you employ a certain set of skills and strategies when you engage with each piece of media. But given the new and ever-changing ways we use technology to receive and communicate information, to be literate in today’s constantly connected world involves skills beyond simply reading and writing...

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Civic Engagement: Local Histories, Family Narratives and Young Leaders

I can’t believe just two short years ago we were teaching through a presidential election, and now the midterms are just around the corner. During my time as an educator, teaching U.S History and civics to middle school students, I found that oftentimes it was easier for my students to make a connection to the midterm elections during a presidential election year.  This connection is crucial to having our students know and feel that they can participate in our democracy. This is also important in aiding ourselves as educators in...

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How To Create A More Engaging Classroom Community

Our work is the sincere work of preparing the future stewards of our country. It is not hyperbole to say we must prepare our students to face the issues they will inherit. Sadly, our students will inherit a hotter planet, an overpopulated world, a politically unstable democracy, and the social oppression of people and communities–these are real problems requiring solutions that our students can provide if we help them develop essential skills. 

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10 Tips for Teaching About the Holocaust

Teaching about the Holocaust has been one of my career's most meaningful and challenging tasks. No other topic has allowed my students to struggle with complex issues and moral questions quite like the Holocaust. Whether you are teaching a short unit or a year-long elective, there is never enough time.

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