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15 Lessons Learned From Online Teaching

As you begin to venture into the world of online teaching this fall, here are some important lessons I've learned.

Voices in Education

Shifting Focus: Good Grades vs. Good People

Prior to distance learning, the data has suggested that testing, anxiety, peer pressure to outperform classmates, along with other mental health issues, can all be attributed to our formal education practices. With our traditional ways of determining if students are ready to move on to the next grade or if students are on track for a college ready future, it is possible that we as educators have been missing the mark all along?

Voices in Education

Unlearning History: The Women’s Suffrage Movement

One hundred years ago, all women in the United States were guaranteed the right to vote. FALSE  This year marks the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which prohibited voting discrimination on the basis of gender. What’s not often acknowledged in classroom textbooks and curriculum is the reality that the 19th amendment only provided white women the right to vote. Nothing in the U.S constitution and no federal laws explicitly prohibited discrimination on the basis of color and race. Thus, Black, Indigenous,...

Virtual Professional Learning

Social & Emotional Learning Strategies for K-2 Teachers

Ever changing routines, saturated media, big and small feelings and missing friends and families are just a few - out of many - things that come to mind. Young children are adapting - every day - to a changing world.  The routines that they had a year ago for back to school are null and void.  Everything is different for them, and they were just getting a handle on this thing called life. This new approach to school is one thing that they have to tackle head on, and it's our job as educators to equip ourselves to be able to help...

PBS in the Classroom

Game On! Gamifying Lesson Planning

Educators, are you ready for a challenge? An escape from everyday professional learning? Test your “breakout” skills in our PBS Breakout EDU challenge that will not only introduce you to all the ways you can use PBS LearningMedia in your classroom (virtual or in-person), but will also inspire you to gamify learning for your students! Educators, challenge yourself and go through these fun games yourself. OR get a group of fellow educators together and play along! *To add an element of fun, try timing yourself. Can...

Voices in Education

Decolonizing Our Classrooms Starts With Us

Being an antiracist is an active and ongoing practice one engages in for life. It takes patience, reflection, and commitment. I believe that being an antiracist starts with going inward and taking stock of what we feel and know to be true. Only then can we begin to analyze how dominant ideology and white supremacy have shaped our individual beliefs and behaviors. While the work and act of understanding oneself deeply can be challenging and uncomfortable, it is absolutely critical if our goal is to uproot and decolonize the spaces...

Voices in Education

10 Tips on Talking to Kids About Race and Racism

As trusted educators, caregivers, and parents, we need to engage in open and honest conversations with children about race and racism. We must fully understand our country’s legacy of slavery and how systemic racism maintains and feeds racial inequity in the United States.

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Sizzling Summer Support for Students and Families

Alas, we have reached the finished line… but is there ever actually an end point when it comes to learning? As we bid farewell to the formidable foe that was distance learning, we now set our sights on yet another familiar antagonist: the “Summer Lag.” As we embark upon the summer of 2020, it has never been more important to support our families and equip them with ways and strategies to empower our students to retain and gain!  

Virtual Professional Learning

Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching

In this four-part series, we will explore tools for anti-racist teaching and will consider the ways in which we can use media and media literacy to deepen our understanding of systemic racism. Wherever you are in your social justice journey, this series is designed to introduce you to curated anti-racism resources,  support your own learnings of anti-Black racism, help you discover innovative ways to integrate media into inclusive teaching practices, and show you how to amplify your Black students’ voices and experiences. By...

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