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Building Life Lessons with Donkey Hodie

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During this pandemic we all have had to make adjustments, but the changes made in the classroom were some of the most detrimental. The transition from in-person learning to virtual learning has changed the lives of both educators and students. With the end of the school year approaching, we could all use some support in how to effectively transition into summer while also looking forward to a new school year in our new normal. 

With social distancing restrictions being lifted across the nation, our new normal and past norms are now a hybrid, giving birth to a new way of socialization. Readjusting to this new normal while also stepping into social settings again can be nerve wracking for our young learners, but luckily Donkey Hodie and a couple of her pals have some lessons and activities to support through these emotionally challenging times. Introducing Donkey Hodie, a new show by the makers of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, created to support all of life’s ups and downs. Here’s a sneak peek at brand new teaching resources in the Donkey Hodie collection on PBS LearningMedia. 

The learning goals for Donkey Hodie focus on self-regulation and executive function skills, with an emphasis on resilience, persistence, and problem solving. The resources in this collection will help you explore the concepts introduced in Donkey Hodie with activity ideas, video clips, and digital games. Use these resources to help your students explore self-regulation and executive function skills -- the Donkey Hodie way!

Switching Gears: Things are changing, again?

With several schools transitioning back to in-person learning, the constant need to readjust can be overwhelming. 

Help children learn how to process these emotions with the “Change the Plan” activity! In “Change the Plan,” Donkey Hodie and her pal Purple Panda explore the feeling of disappointment and healthy alternative activities to failed plans. 

Time for a Reset: Starting a new year
When a new school year approaches, fear can become a common and familiar emotion. Support from friends is a tool that can help us all overcome fear.

Join Donkey Hodie and her best pal Purple Panda as they learn how through supportive friendships, they can overcome their fears.“You Can Do It!” offers valuable tools and activities you can use in your classroom to help your students combat fears and de-escalate situations in which they become fearful.  

Going through difficult times can be scary, but three important things for children to remember are that they aren’t alone, to ask for support when they need it, and to keep going. 

You Got This! Celebrate each positive step

Celebrating progress at every step of the way can show students the light at the end of the tunnel, and in the “Encouragement Flags” lesson plan your students can learn to do just that with some help from Donkey Hodie and her pals. 

As your students watch Donkey Hodie and as you integrate the educator resources, your students will learn to face their fears and challenges with positivity, and enjoy the success that comes from trying hard and doing their best.

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