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Dive in and Explore: PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning for PreK-2 Teachers

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The PBS KIDS hub for self-paced learning for educators is growing to inspire teachers and enrich the classroom experience. The collection is filled with courses and learning paths to spark new ideas and expand your skill set. PBS KIDS offers this FREE special collection of flexible self-paced learning to help inspire PreK-2 teachers and provide support for the classroom. Choose from several learning experiences to energize your classroom ideas -- and you may also be able to earn between one to three credit hours.

Within the expansive collection, PBS KIDS offers two different self-paced learning opportunities:

  • Self-Paced Courses: Our traditional 1-4 hour online course option with lessons taken in order to earn a certificate
  • Learning Paths: A series of short micro learnings (15-30 minutes, skill-based experiences in a range of interactive formats) that can lead to a certificate

Why Choose the PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning Collection? 

No matter which growth path you take, you’ll always enjoy free interactive content designed for quick and flexible learning; easy access anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone; and unlimited access. So whether you carve out 15 minutes before school, break time (is there really a break time?), afternoon or evening, the PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning Collection is here when you want it. 

What Shelly Loves about the collection

Like many of our best educators, Shelly Bautista is always seeking fun and creative ways to bridge the gap in learning and build relationships within her class, school and community. 

Here are Shelly’s Top 3 Things she enjoys about the PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning courses. 

  1. They are divided into modules and mini-lessons so I can complete them on my own time frame. Educators can take a mini-lesson, move on to something else and come back to it. They are self-paced and we all know teachers’ time is so valuable!
  2. PBS KIDS ensures that these tools are research and evidence-based. That’s really useful to me in my classroom. If I’m asked by a parent or administrator about why I chose a particular tool, I can point to the research to back it up.
  3.  Once I’ve completed a module, PBS KIDS offers options to take a deeper dive. This allows me to continue gaining ideas in areas that excite me for my students. 

Examples from the Collection to Kick Start Self-Paced Learning

Early Engineering with Ready Jet Go!: With real-life materials and exciting tools to touch and explore, engineering activities are a natural draw for many young children. In this professional development experience, explore teacher practices for engaging young children in the conversation and teamwork necessary to support their learning.

Explore Media and Wild Kratts: This self-paced option helps children learn by integrating media into your lessons. Explore 6 ways to purposefully add media into your lessons —including videos and digital games—to teach life science in your classroom.

Connecting with Families: To fully support a child's development, strong communication between educator and family is the key. This professional development experience gives you effective strategies for using technology to enhance communication with families. This is a good example of a collection that provides the family engagement/connection focus. 

A collection designed for Spanish speakers is also available: PEEP Estrategias de enseñanza de ciencias para educadores de cuidado infantil familia

Pilot courses get the green light from teachers

Before courses are released, PBS KIDS gets the buy-in from teachers who pilot them, understanding that educators are the best front liners for feedback. That’s why PBS KIDS invites teachers to give feedback on courses when they are created. I can go through them, see how it works before they release it. The resulting collection incorporates the perspective of teachers. We help the content creators ensure that the scenarios are realistic and up to date. 

The abundance of resources for the classroom, continuing education for teachers, classroom resources and parental support make PBS KIDS my go-to for my needs in the classroom and as an instructional leader for others. For those who need to get credits for certification and accreditation, these resources are always free, so it’s easy to accumulate the needed hours. 

Shelly’s Teacher Tips for Today

Sing your instructions.
It benefits all parties! 
Connection is the curriculum. 
Be at where my feet at. 
Focus on what you can do now instead of what you have or have not done.

Shelly Bautista

Shelly Bautista Teacher and Instructional Leader

Working as a teacher and instructional leader in a low-income neighborhood in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Shelly’s positive outlook for both students and teachers is a light to all she works with. Shelly received her Master’s in Education Technology and Media Leadership to find fun and creative ways to bridge the gap in learning and build relationships within her class, school and community. As a PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion, Shelly hopes to elevate the early learning profession through empowering early learners, teachers, parents and caregivers to better meet the needs of our young scholars.

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