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Welcome to PBS TeachersLounge! Throughout the next week we will be sharing highlights from our virtual professional learning series, Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching, that will encourage you to think critically and reflect on your own teaching. Today, we are going to dive into ways to integrate media to guide young learners in developmentally appropriate, anti-racist learning. Let’s watch, reflect, explore, learn and teach together!


In the fourth episode, we will discuss how and when to use media as a tool in anti-racist teaching for young learners. Here is a highlight from our virtual professional learning series, Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching -- Focusing on Young Learners. 


Now that you’ve watched a highlight of the full episode, let's reflect. Here is a prompt you can use to reflect on the topics addressed in this episode:

How will you validate and encourage conversations about race and differences with your young learners?

Keep going, watch the full episode and use this reflection guide to center your thoughts on having these conversations with early learners. 


"The media has been filled with conversations regarding racism and justice, how we as adults have opposing views. Then I thought, “What about the children?” So, I created my Twitter thread, while having my own classroom in mind. My hope is that these books spark honest conversations about differences, and sometimes, the things people face because of those differences."   - Brittany Smith

Read the full blog to prompt and further conversations on race and more to further your learning! 


Continue learning how to teach our youngest learners about race in and out of the classroom by joining POV Watch Club - a virtual learning community. Let’s watch and learn together! 

Learn more about it by reading, PBS LearningMedia Presents POV Watch Club.


In this lesson, designed by PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars, educators will be guided through activities, discussions, and clips around the special, PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism. This workshop contains three lessons that address race, racism, and John Lewis’s ‘Good Trouble,’ which engages students through station-based learning.

A Racial Justice and Advocacy Workshop for Young Learners


Watch the full episode on PBS LearningMedia! Use this roadmap as a guide for your learning, everything you see here will be discussed by our experts. 

Register for the next four-part Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching series in which we’ll investigate the ways in which racism, mental health, history, and education intersect.

Roshanna Beard & Mike Lang Early Learning Champion & PBS Digital Innovator All-Star

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