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From Our Teachers, #TeacherAppreciationDay2022

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Classrooms would just be rooms without the educators who dedicate themselves day after day to serving as the engine behind their students' learning. Our classrooms are what fuel future innovators, inventors, and change-makers, and without the tremendous efforts and work of teachers around the world, we all wouldn’t be pushing forward as a community, society, and future generations. 

We want to share our appreciation and gratitude for the educators that are changing the world every day. Read these short journal entries from educators across the country on what they were inspired by or what they discovered in the past few years. Inspired by these prompts and educators? Go to PBS Teachers social channels to shout out teachers that have inspired you! 

Happy #TeacherAppreciationDay

I discovered this past few years that six year olds really can learn content in a virtual environment but they learn more content and more about the natural word and friendship when they can all be together in one room. Watching them learn and grow helps me learn and grow. 
- Michelle Garmon, First grade teacher, mom, All-Star 
I was inspired by the kindergarten teacher at my school, Mrs. Suttle.  My school is fully online, K-12, and as part of her kindergarten class, her kids have been learning about butterflies. She themed her lessons for weeks around butterflies and created a habitat for some caterpillars.  At every live video class she kept a camera on the caterpillar cage, and the kids got to watch the metamorphosis in stages, until the big day when the class all came together, face to face, to release the butterflies.  What a joyful and beautifully symbolic experience. 
- Jason Lineberger, Digital Learning Coordinator, high school teacher, All-Star 2020
I discovered these past few years that positive lessons were learned through the hard times. I gained a closer relationship with my students' families as we worked as a team to navigate remote learning. Also, teachers had a crash course in technology integration and students now have tools to increase accessibility to learning through this technology.
- Heather Gauck, K-4 Resource Teacher, All-Star 2018
I discovered during our year of online teaching that the face-to-face, physical presence of my students inspires me, encourages me and gets me through my hardest days. I missed that so much when they were just little boxes on a screen.
- Laura Bradley, middle school Design Lab and Broadcast Media teacher, All-Star 2018
I discovered during this transcendental historical period, that I am a possibility to generate transformation. That I am resilient to changes!!! That the boys, girls and community I serve are very valuable beings that make me feel loved. Their expressions of affection and their beautiful smiles nourish my soul. They invite me to create continuously. I love Adolfo García Second Unit School community!!!!
- Glenda Lozada, Elementary Science Teacher,  and PBS All Star 2018

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