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Meet Kevin Cornell: Ohio's 2016 PBS Digital Innovator.

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Meet the fun(ny) and talented PBS Digital Innovators, class of 2016-2017, representing each U.S. state and a couple of territories, too. Learn what makes them tick, and pick up a few tips and tricks! In this regular series, we’ll be spotlighting the Lead 2016 PBS Digital Innovators.

Today, we’re featuring Kevin Cornell, aka Mister C, from Dayton, Ohio.

All About "Mister C"

What's your current job title/role, grade level, subject area? 
I am an educational STEAM Consultant. Previously, I have been a 5th grade science teacher, elementary principal, K-12 Curriculum Supervisor (math, science and tech), and Director of Human Resources.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the classroom?
Outside of being an educator, I love to hang out and spend time with my wife and daughter. We love to joke, laugh, play soccer, and lacrosse. My daughter is one of the funniest people I know and we get to actually work on stage together during Mister C's Hair Raising Science and Live Shows. Another thing I enjoy doing outside of the workday is to make music, specifically educational songs to help support learning beyond the classroom.

What inspires you? 
A good beat and a fresh hook! : ) In all honestly, I've been inspired by a number of things: family, friends, students, my teachers, and mentors. I'm inspired when I think about positive feedback I've received from students and teachers. When someone reaches out to me and shares how I have impacted their career or education, I realize how wonderful this job is and it puts a smile on my face. There's nothing more inspiring than hearing from someone and them sharing how something I did helped them in some fashion. People are amazing!

What are you passionate about? 

I'm a nerd and love to learn! My YouTube channel was created because of my passion for learning and integrating music. I want students and parents to love learning as much as I do so I try to make my channel fun and fresh. I love making videos and would someday love to do that full time!

What was your greatest teaching moment so far? 
Creating and hosting my science show could be one of my greatest moments so far! I've worked so hard to create fun and original content using music and videos and love connecting with students and families! Being the host of a show means I get to continue having that learning connection with my audience members! It's like having a classroom of 1000 now!!!! Another great moment was when I saw my first "spot" on air via ThinkTV in Dayton, OH.

What's one tip you would share with a teacher who is just starting out in their first year of teaching?
Mister C's Tip: "You are always on an interview!" Be proud of your choices and decisions in and out of the district!

When you leave teaching, what do you hope others will say about you?

I want others to think of me as a fair and trusting person who always put the needs of students before anything else. I hope they remember the laughing, singing, storytelling, and, most importantly, how fun it was to learn together!

Any other stories or fun tidbits you'd like to share? 
Mister C fun facts: 
1. Speaks two languages - German and English
2. LOVES his pizza!
3. Favorite Poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
4. Favorite colors: Blue and Orange

Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell Educational STEAM Consultant https://www.youtube.com/c/learningscienceisfun Twitter: @originalmisterc

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