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POV Watch Club: After Show and Resources | November

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Welcome back, Watch Club! 

This month’s loving conversation between educators Elroy “EJ” Johnson and Vanessa Cronin about POV’s La Casa De Mama Icha celebrates the heart of Watch Club After Show. EJ and Vanessa reflect on the unique power of documentary films to affirm and reflect students’ and educator’s experiences, with particular focus on the immigrant experience and the concept of home. EJ and Vanessa discuss the vital importance of fostering empathy in students and share tools, including a lesson plan, to bring the film and its themes into your classroom.

Since February 2021, PBS has teamed up with POV to bring documentaries into your home. Each month’s pre-recorded “After Show” - like this one! - has made connections between the films featured and education and offered practical tools to use the resources in your own classrooms. 

We love this project and the community that has gathered around it, and are so grateful for your support. We will be taking a few months off from our usual programming to plan for Watch Club 2022. You can look forward to more independent documentary films and critical conversations that have been central to Watch Club alongside fresh additions, like thematic mixed media playlists and new formats. Make sure to register to be a part of Watch Club, if you have not done so already, to stay up to date on the latest news!

We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and restful holiday, and look forward to coming together again in the new year.


To support your continued growth on this journey and offer some tangible tools to bring into your classroom practice we are also providing this list of free resources. Each month, following the After Show, you can expect a list of resources to support your teaching, continued learning, and creativity in your own classroom.

  • COMING SOON -- La Casa De Mama Icha lesson plan
  • La Casa De Mama Icha Discussion Guide
  • Mi Casa My HomeA multimedia web portal from the team behind La Casa de Mama Icha, which will chronicle and contextualize people’s experiences with “remittance homes” around the world
  • Catch up on all watch club After Shows that aired between March and November!
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