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Resources to Keep Your Class Engaged This School Year

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Last year's quick transition from in-person learning to virtual learning took both educators and students by surprise. This transition created new lanes and means of teaching and learning -- teachers and parents are always in need of all the free, high quality resources! With so many unknowns about this school year, we will all be looking for even more easy to access resources. Luckily, PBS has curated a Back-to-School Collection that is just what you need to get the year started off on the right foot.

The Back-to-School collection features various resources and activities to help children, parents, and educators prepare for the new school year. 

Building a strong sense of community in the classroom is now more important than ever. With numerous videos, media clips, documents, lesson plans, and interactives, there is sure to be something for every home and classroom. Plus, the added benefit of familiar and beloved PBS characters in the activities and resources is sure to keep students engaged!

Here are a few of my favorite resources from the Back-to-School Collection!!

Highs and Lows: Dealing with Sadness

Morning Meetings have become a huge part of starting our day with a growth mindset and building a community of learners. Finding new and engaging activities can feel overwhelming when creating meaningful Morning Meetings so I’m especially excited to use some of the resources included in the Back-to-School Collection

In Singing the Blues, PBS’ Pinkalicious and Peterrific teach students helpful ways to overcome sadness all on their own.  I also plan on using the Feelings Poster in my Peace Area so that students can check in with and name their feelings. Focusing on emotions at the start of the school year will help create a culture of naming and working through emotions individually and together as a class. 

1, 2, 3 Breathe In!

In addition to learning how to manage and be comfortable with emotions, mindfulness is also important in our classrooms. 

Both students and educators learn how to be mindful through several follow along breathwork exercises in Yoga For Kids.

Teach Your Way! 

Another handy resource is the Teach Your Way calendar and printables. The calendar is a curated list of resources that are aligned to monthly themes and skills for PreK-2 students. 

The “Getting Ready for School” and “Back to School” packets are perfect for helping children get a positive, can-do mindset for the new school year. There are also planners, checklists, and colorful posters to keep parents and teachers organized.  

Setting Daily Routines

As a parent of a kindergartener, I greatly appreciate the My Daily Routines poster.  Children feel much more secure when they know what to expect, and this resource will help my child feel more comfortable knowing her schedule ahead of time.

A, B, C, D

One item that I will be using in my classroom this year is the Alphabet Poster.  This will be perfect to include in my students’ Writing Portfolios as a writing tool they can return to for help with letter-sound identification. 

After you fall in love with this beginning of year collection, head back to PBS throughout the year to keep the fun going! The endless set of collections are perfect for keeping the learning going and children engaged all year long.

Julie Hildebrand

Julie Hildebrand First Grade Teacher and Campus Innovation Coach

Julie Hildebrand is a First Grade Teacher and Campus Innovation Coach at Patton Elementary in Austin, Texas. Julie’s primary goals have been to increase student achievement in literacy and technology skills in and out of her classroom. In addition to being a Heart of Texas Writing Project Teacher Consultant, Julie is also a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Digital Innovator All-Star and a co-founder of busy bébés, a small business focused on building early childhood development skills through play-based learning.

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