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Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching

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Educators are acutely aware of the impact of systemic racism and the inequities that exist in the education system. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to create immediate, positive change in the fight against anti-Black racism. 

In this four-part series, we will explore tools for anti-racist teaching and will consider the ways in which we can use media and media literacy to deepen our understanding of systemic racism. Wherever you are in your social justice journey, this series is designed to introduce you to curated anti-racism resources,  support your own learnings of anti-Black racism, help you discover innovative ways to integrate media into inclusive teaching practices, and show you how to amplify your Black students’ voices and experiences. By attending, you will reflect on your role in systemic oppression within education, and leave with new tools and ideas for creating lasting change in their classrooms.

We are part of a movement: a widespread promise to our families and our neighbors that we will be ongoing, engaged participants in civic actions designed to root out racism, end police brutality, amplify, honor, respect and remember Black Lives Matter.

PBS will provide a certificate of attendance for each one hour virtual professional learning event.

Deepening Your Understanding of Race and Racism

July 21 @12 PM ET

As educators, we have a deep responsibility to confront racial injustice, and ensure that we create anti-racist classroom environments. This includes our own ongoing reflection and learning. In this one hour event we will explore the role media plays in our collective understanding about race and racism, and how educators can use media to disrupt white supremacy and systemic oppression of Black people in America. This is a live event, so you will have the opportunity to ask our guests questions. Come prepared for a rich, deep, and honest conversation that will not only help you gain a deeper understanding of the roots of systemic racism, and how anti-Black racism impacts our daily lives, but also guide you as you reflect on your own role and responsibilities as an educator.

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Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better

July 23 @12 PM ET

When conversations of racial injustice and equity arise, many educators find themselves reacting in the moment, without being prepared for these important conversations. In this series, we’ll introduce steps you can take to be proactive, starting with a focus on media literacy. In the second episode of our four part series, “Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching,” we’ll explore ways in which you can use media to know better and teach better. The current media landscape is oversaturated, and it’s sometimes hard to analyze which resources are best, especially around topics of racism and oppression. This conversation is designed to help educators analyze and evaluate media, and provide important context so you can meaningfully shape your anti-racist classroom planning and practices. We’ll also focus on ways in which you can use these media literacy tools to empower yourself and your students to change classroom and personal practice. 

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Amplify Student Voice

July 28 @12 PM ET

How can media be used as a tool to share messaging, ignite action, and change perspectives for your students? Join us for this one hour conversation to find out. In the third episode of our Virtual Professional Learning Series, Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching, middle and high school students will take center stage. While focusing on student voice, we will explore ways in which educators can use media to support and amplify their students in their own anti-racist learning journeys.

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Focusing on Young Learners

July 30 @12 PM ET

In the fourth and final episode of our Virtual Professional Learning Series, we will discuss how and when to use media as a tool in anti-racist teaching for young learners. Whether it is in your lessons, practice, or literature you will learn ways to integrate media to guide young learners in developmentally appropriate, anti-racist learning.

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