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Top 10 Resources for Your Classroom in the New Year

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Teachers, this is for you. It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to engage with your students and inspire them with a range of exciting new resources. PBS Kids and Learning Media have amazing resources for the classroom, ideas for out of school activities, teaching tips, toolkits and more. Many of the most popular kids programming have apps and games to extend the fun of learning.

Here are 10 new resources that you can integrate within your classroom for the New Year.

  1. The Ruff Ruffman Show Science Collection on PBS LearningMedia: A popular  science resource collection that includes teacher’s guides, YouTube-inspired videos, games, and the canine host extraordinaire, Ruff Ruffman. Core science concepts will intrigue and delight young minds.
  2. 100th Day of School in the PBS LearningMedia Collection:  The 100th day of school is celebrated in schools across America. It’s a special milestone and PBS is chock full of resources to make the 100th day educational and entertaining. Find great classroom ideas: run the 100 yard dash, collect 100 unusual items, or write poems using 100 letters. Find resources galore.  
  3. Odd Squad Collection on PBS LearningMedia: The zaniest, craziest team of kid investigators around! Explore content targeted at making elementary-level math a fun, imaginative experience, mixing concepts like arithmetic and geometry with fantastical storytelling.
  4. PBS Kids Games App: Play over 100 PBS KIDS games on the go — and sort games by skill, theme or series — with the free PBS KIDS games app. Find favorites including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train and more.
  5. Play and Learn Science App: Play with shadows, control the weather and choose the best materials for an umbrella with the free PBS KIDS Play & Learn Science app. Available in English and Spanish, the app encourages kids to see the science in their world while building inquiry skills.
  6. Odd Squad Puppy Quest: Kids can put on their investigative thinking caps and help round up the puppies and turn them back into agents again. The game uses fun backgrounds like a park, a bakery and an observatory.
  7. Chef Leo’s Crazy Kitchen:  Kids get to tour the kitchen and help create fun recipes from around the world, from Borscht to Mole Chicken. It’s an international culinary tour for kids.
  8. Nature Cat Cave Hunt: Nature cat is daring and brave, and can’t wait to go outside for a day of nature excursions and exploring. There’s one problem: he’s still a house cat. Go on the adventures with Nature Cat while learning to appreciate and experience nature.
  9. Daniel Tiger Neighbor Day: Being neighborly is second nature to Daniel Tiger. Kids learn the benefits of doing good deeds and working together. Daniel Tiger helps kids become helpers and learn that their choices matter.
  10. Wild Kratts Underwater Challenge: Dive in and help the Wild Kratts search the sea and recover lost parts to make new power suits.

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