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Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better

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Welcome to PBS TeachersLounge! Throughout the next two weeks we will be sharing highlights from our virtual professional learning series, Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching, that will encourage you to think critically and reflect on your own teaching. Today, we are going to dive into the importance of media and the media brought into the classroom. Let’s watch, reflect, explore, learn and teach together!


This conversation is designed to help you analyze and evaluate media, and provide important context so you can meaningfully shape your anti-racist classroom planning and practices. Here is a highlight from our virtual professional learning series, Tools for Anti-Racist Teaching -- Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better. 


Now that you’ve watched a highlight of the full episode, let's reflect. Here is a prompt you can use to reflect on the topics addressed in this episode:

What impact do the resources you use have on students in general and on students of color specifically ?


“As educators, we have the power to introduce our students to stories and characters that either enhance or harm their identity development, self-esteem, sense of empathy, and overall worldview.” - Brandee Blocker Anderson

As Brandee Blocker Anderson, educator, DEI consultant, and founder of The Antiracism Academy states, “simply including more characters of color is not enough…” Read the full blog about unlearning and more to further your learning! 


Learn more about how to use these ideas in your teaching while also utilizing critical thinking and media literacy skills by joining POV Watch Club - a virtual learning community. Let’s watch and learn together! 

Learn more about it by reading, PBS LearningMedia Presents POV Watch Club.


This workshop, designed by PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars, contains three lessons that address race, racism, and John Lewis’s ‘Good Trouble'. The lessons were created around the special, PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism.

A Racial Justice and Advocacy Workshop for Young Learners


Watch the full episode on PBS LearningMedia! Use this roadmap as a guide for your learning, everything you see here will be discussed by our experts. 

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Roshanna Beard & Mike Lang Early Learning Champion & PBS Digital Innovator All-Star

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