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Unlearning History: The Women’s Suffrage Movement

One hundred years ago, all women in the United States were guaranteed the right to vote. FALSE  This year marks the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which prohibited voting discrimination on the basis of gender. What’s not often acknowledged in classroom textbooks and curriculum is the reality that the 19th amendment only provided white women the right to vote. Nothing in the U.S constitution and no federal laws explicitly prohibited discrimination on the basis of color and race. Thus, Black, Indigenous,...

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Decolonizing Our Classrooms Starts With Us

Being an antiracist is an active and ongoing practice one engages in for life. It takes patience, reflection, and commitment. I believe that being an antiracist starts with going inward and taking stock of what we feel and know to be true. Only then can we begin to analyze how dominant ideology and white supremacy have shaped our individual beliefs and behaviors. While the work and act of understanding oneself deeply can be challenging and uncomfortable, it is absolutely critical if our goal is to uproot and decolonize the spaces...

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10 Tips on Talking to Kids About Race and Racism

As trusted educators, caregivers, and parents, we need to engage in open and honest conversations with children about race and racism. We must fully understand our country’s legacy of slavery and how systemic racism maintains and feeds racial inequity in the United States.

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Prioritizing Empathy and Anti-Racism in Schools

I’ve seen how even a small shift in our practices can make a monumental difference. We as teachers must own our impact, embrace this work and break away from the systems that diminish the diverse students we serve. With that power, I invite you to join me so that we can know better, be better and do better by all of our students together.

Voices in Education

18 Children’s Books to Prompt and Further Conversations on Race

In the wake of yet another tragedy, followed by worldwide protests in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is imperative that educators and parents promote images that help prompt conversations of diversity and inclusion. Children are much more observant than we give them credit for. If we want to raise a conscientious generation, one that is anti-racist and pro-justice, we have to expose them to toys, books, museums, and films that align with those ideologies.

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A Call to Action for White Educators Who Seek to Be Anti-Racist

There is no quick fix for systemic racism. It requires continued, ongoing effort to dismantle white supremacy. But I also have hope. With our combined voices and our combined intelligence, we fight for racial justice and usher change. My Black students, colleagues and friends are in pain. As a white person, as a mother of white sons, as a white educator, it is incumbent on me to be more aware, to learn more, to empathize, to listen and to support others as we work to dismantle white supremacy and forge a new way forward.

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Shining an Equitable Lens on Every Student

If we truly want to make an impact on how equitable classrooms and schools are, there has to be a universal mind shift. We have to change our expectations of children and thus change how we see children.

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Opera for All: Why This Art Form Can — and Should — Be for Students

Opera need not be an art form stuck in the past. With student involvement, it can remain a living, breathing art form that grows, changes, and adapts to the world in which we all live.

Voices in Education

How We Can Bring Creativity and Imagination Back to the Classroom

Why is learning with imagination just as important as having knowledge? Why must both teachers and learners use imagination in learning? Let’s examine how imagination and knowledge support each other in the quest for authentic learning.

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