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How We Can Bring Creativity and Imagination Back to the Classroom

Why is learning with imagination just as important as having knowledge? Why must both teachers and learners use imagination in learning? Let’s examine how imagination and knowledge support each other in the quest for authentic learning.

Voices in Education

Combating the Wintertime Blues

Accept the intellectual challenge and pace yourself. Plan every moment of the schedule to be well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. If you find yourself out of time and cannot say on pace, have a weekly schedule posted and allow for flexibility. And most importantly, embrace and enjoy every moment. 

Voices in Education

5 Mindful Lessons to Keep You Inspired

You’ve made it through the first couple of months or so of teaching. Maybe by now, you are feeling overwhelmed, tired and for some, ready for another vacation week. No worries, maybe an attitude adjustment is in order, and as a veteran teacher with 39 years in public school pedagogy, I am here to recommend five easy lessons in mindfulness, to keep you inspired.

Voices in Education

From Chaos to Calm - "In the Moment" Strategies to Stop Bullying in its Tracks

Pre-K behavior needs to be handled in the classroom as it is happening. It starts with simple classroom rules that include keeping ourselves safe, keeping friends safe and keeping our things safe. 

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Learning to Use My “Teacher Voice" Beyond the Schoolyard

As teachers, we are all agents for change and improvement. For our students, we can often bring about significant change and improvement in their learning by using our “teacher voice.” Recently, I learned ways I can use my teacher’s voice to bring about change and improvement outside the classroom.

Voices in Education

Managing Feelings in the First Week of School

It’s back to school for most kids around the country, but for some, it’s time to go to school for the first time ever. Even if they have been in daycare or preschool, starting “big school” is a BIG deal for new kindergarteners. 

Voices in Education

New Ways to Power Up and Re-energize Faculty Meetings

Faculty meetings provide the time and space for teachers to come together to address school concerns -- they just need a timely revamp to ensure that the meeting is relevant and meets its potential.

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Brain in the Cooler

If I had a nickel for every time I have been told as a teacher that I must keep my students engaged, I could probably retire. Student engagement — these words are mentioned in countless articles, videos, webinars and textbooks about education and teaching. All of these sources have given me insights into how I might better engage my students in class, but true student engagement has been elusive for me at times.  

Voices in Education

Remove Labels and Redefine Student Success

There should never be a statement that starts with “those kids” to refer to socioeconomic status, family life, color of skin, behavior or disability. “Those kids” all have names, unique abilities, and defining factors that will always shape and color their world.

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