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Inspiring Students to Invent Tomorrow

Laura Nix’s film Inventing Tomorrow shares the stories of teenage innovators from across the globe finding groundbreaking solutions to some of the world’s most vexing environmental threats to water, air, and soil.

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Let Poetry Flow: Inspiring Student Expression

Poetry is an experience, not a genre. It is a form of exploration, with as many intuitive and natural aspects as skilled and studied ones. Poems are emotional, yet they are also as real and solid as any bridge. Words connect people. By reading, we enter each other’s minds. We learn to listen, empathize, and develop compassion, which is the seed of peace.

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5 Ways to Prevent Bullying in Your Classroom

Students affected by bullying are at greater risk for both mental health and behavioral problems. They often experience loss of self-esteem, increased anxiety, poor school adjustment, and depression. This is a time for us to show students who experience bullying that there is hope. 

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Cultural Appropriation: What’s an Educator’s Role?

With the bombardment of media imagery to which students are subjected, how do we teach the ability to discern right from wrong?  How can we encourage students to understand that this ‘borrowing’ can in fact be harmful to already oppressed and underrepresented groups?

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Five Tips to Creating Meaningful Parents Teacher Conferences

STOP! And think a minute… this conference meeting might be the first time you interact with the family or maybe the only time you get a face-to-face with the parent(s) or guardians. How are you going to approach this important 15 minutes?

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5 Back-to-School Tools to Add to Your Teacher Toolkit

The start of the new school year for children is exciting and a bit overwhelming. Parents take their kids to the store -- with school supply lists in hand -- to buy all the newest school supply items. For the young, the excitement of a new box of crayons and a lunch box is a big hit. The older child looks for folders with emojis or the latest cartoon craze on TV. Children get new clothes, shoes and backpacks. It’s a fun time! What’s New in the Teacher’s Backpack?

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Back to School with PBS KIDS: Design an Inclusive Classroom

No classroom can be successful without a sense of community and community doesn’t work if everyone isn’t included. This doesn’t happen by accident. It’s an environment that needs to be intentionally scaffolded. Inclusion is something that has to be designed. Here are some things to think about. 

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Closing the Gap in Computer Science By Building Confidence

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in computer science. And we’re focused on reaching girls as early as possible in the pipeline, because we know that nearly 70 percent of the growth in the tech pipeline could come from changing the path of our youngest girls.

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5 Ways to Get Your Class to Explore the Outdoors

I love that my students are noticing the changing world around them at such an early age. They can see there are cycles which impact what grows around them. Just as the seasons change, so do we. How we react to a discovery is key to setting the tone for more! Simply put, ‘care to care.’ As teachers, we tend to have an agenda and plan to follow. When we can blend our objectives with the wonder of each new day, the doors of learning seem to get wider and brighter.   

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