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Why Teach Asian American* History

Asian Americans have been a crucial thread within the fabric of our nation since the first people from Asia came and settled here many centuries ago. As early as the 1500s, centuries before the U.S. was even formed, Filipino sailors and indentured servants settled in parts of what is now Louisiana. Many of these “Manilamen” came to fight alongside the U.S. during the War of 1812. 

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Girl Power: 5 Powerful Women in Literature

As educators, we must make a commitment, for our students, to implement works from a variety of authors. We need to show our students what they are capable of, regardless of their gender. However, while Women’s History Month is a great way to start changing the dynamic in our classrooms, we shouldn’t stop once March is over. 

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Celebrating Black History with Children’s Books by Black Authors

While we recognize the daily contributions made by Black Americans, we must celebrate and honor all things Black during February.

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Missing Narratives: Uncovering Untold Histories

Imagine being in a bookstore, picking up a book and reading the description in the back. You like what you read, so you decide to read the book but….OH NO! Every other chapter is missing! Would you truly understand the full story? Would you even really know what happened?  Many times, the texts and curricula used in our classrooms are missing critical chapters. This impacts our students’ ability to learn and understand multiple perspectives. Do they truly even know what happened? 

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Creating Classroom Norms in this New Normal

With the start of the New York City public school year around the corner, I keep revisiting last Fall to consider what exactly I should attempt again and what I should leave behind. Of course, the beginning of the year is fun. It’s joyful to meet students, begin symbiotic relationships, and figure out what piques curiosity in different children. 

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Missing from Texts: Critical Changemakers

Educators, as you construct your lesson plans this upcoming school year, scaffold these leaders and history that may not be in textbooks to provide a more inclusive and authentic snapshot of what it means to be a change-maker and leader!

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Like Yourself Again

Teaching during a pandemic has undoubtedly been stressful, and it has left many teachers feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. For many teachers, these feelings have led to burnout and compassion fatigue, and for others the significant demands of this new reality have caused depression. If you are experiencing burnout, adjust your routine and make a self-care plan that allows for more downtime.

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Thank An Educator

This Teacher’s Appreciation Week both high school students, and our PBS Digital Innovator All-Stars and Early Learning Champions are honoring and reflecting on inspirational educators using StoryCorps “Thank An Educator” prompt: “Was there a teacher who had a particularly strong influence on your life? What did you learn from them?”

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Decolonizing the Map: Creating the Indigenous Mapping Collective

Mapping is a powerful tool that holds stories. But who controls the narrative? Historically, maps were created by professional cartographers, many of whom played a large role in colonization. These maps have shaped the way many of us see the world today. Of course, that begs the questions, who or what is left out of the map and how can that be changed?

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