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Listening and Learning with Storycorps

The Great Thanksgiving Listen prompts students to explore the power of storytelling. This lesson helps students evaluate and reflect on primary sources, and empowers them to use their voices to tell their own. Students will listen and witness the power of history, storytelling and the role that they both play in shaping narratives. Educators, parents, and caretakers can use Siliva’s Legacy as a starting point to prompt conversations to lead into the activity.

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Dive into Racial Justice with Above the Noise

Helping students learn about and discuss issues of race and racism during the election season strengthens their ability to share their voice and challenge racial injustice in and out of school. KQED’s Above the Noise is a powerful resource to support meaningful conversations on KQED Learn and in your classroom. 

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Help Students Explore Election Issues, Not Election Hype

Teaching Election 2020 may feel like the rest of 2020: complex, hard to predict and packed with teachable moments. Whether your students are preparing to vote for the first time, already engaged in civic activities or are still figuring out where they stand, KQED’s Above the Noise breaks down multiple perspectives around election issues. A video series designed to cut through the hype was never so needed.  

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Decode the Election with the PBS Electoral Decoder

In my government and history courses, the Electoral College map becomes a familiar touchstone for students. We follow, in four-year cycles, the values we hold and what changes are afoot. The PBS Electoral Decoder, part of the extensive collection of PBS LearningMedia resources, is a fantastic tool to help students unearth these stories.

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Hear Directly From Students: Election 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic, an economic downturn and racial injustice movements dominating their world, many young people are eager to use their ballot as a way to enact change. 

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Engaging Young People in Politics

Young people’s relationship with politics is complex and problematized. They are seen both as the group who disengages politically, yet also at the forefront of major political movements. At the age of 19, in March 2017, I decided to run for the Cook County Board of Commissioners against a 16-year Democratic incumbent.

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Teaching About Elections During an Election Year

As we are in the midst of the election season, there is no better time to teach our students the importance of civic engagement and the history of our political process.

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Elevating Hispanic/Latinx History All Year

To think that as an educator, I could reframe my own thinking, reframe the structures and systems that have been created within our own educational systems, I could help my students see themselves. We could all do that. We could utilize our curriculum as a window and mirror for students, and it begins with what curriculum and mediums we choose. 

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Jumping on the Bitmoji Classroom Train

It’s back to school season! And this school year, the Bitmoji classroom craze is spreading all across the nation. Creating an interactive virtual classroom has become one of the many ways educators are trying to create content for their online tutorials, videos, classrooms, and more. These classroom images are fun, easy to make, and they help students feel more connected even when they are learning from home. So if you want to learn more about what Bitmoji classrooms are, its benefits, and learn how to create your own, here is all...

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