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Dive in and Explore: PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning for PreK-2 Teachers

No matter which growth path you take, you’ll always enjoy free interactive content designed for quick and flexible learning; easy access anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone; and unlimited access. So whether you carve out 15 minutes before school, break time (is there really a break time?), afternoon or evening, the PBS KIDS Self-Paced Learning Collection is here when you want it. 

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Resources to Keep Your Class Engaged This School Year

Last year's quick transition from in-person learning to virtual learning took both educators and students by surprise. This transition created new lanes and means of teaching and learning -- teachers and parents are always in need of all the free, high quality resources! With so many unknowns about this school year, we will all be looking for even more easy to access resources. Luckily, PBS has curated a Back-to-School Collection that is just what you need to get the year started off on the right foot.

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Re-Thinking Hemingway in the Classroom

Living in the age of information, we find ourselves at a great crossroads for education. This is a time when we can do so much more than we ever thought possible, and so can those we teach. Though education has historically been used as a tool of colonization, both internal and external, in many ways, today’s educational landscape is without borders.

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Tips for Using Summer Resources All Year Round

Whether you're looking for music and dance activities, science experiments, family-friendly adventures, or learning about animals (plus more!), you will find media and activity resources in the Summer Camp PBS LearningMedia collection. We’ve gathered fun, exploratory resources for you to use as you plan summer fun. This collection of resources leverages fun, educational activities to include in your daily schedule, as well as resources to help seed ideas for introducing topics to your campers. Happy exploring!

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Building Life Lessons with Donkey Hodie

During this pandemic we all have had to make adjustments, but the changes made in the classroom were some of the most detrimental. The transition from in-person learning to virtual learning has changed the lives of both educators and students. With the end of the school year approaching, we could all use some support in how to effectively transition into summer while also looking forward to a new school year in our new normal.

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5 Ways to Explore the Outdoors With Elinor Wonders Why

Exploring the outdoors is a hands-on way of learning about the environment and the world around you. In Elinor Wonders Why outdoor activities are common amongst the curious trio Elinor, Ari, and Olive. Here are 5 activities that will assist you in exploring your creativity, curiosity, and most importantly the outdoors.

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5 Ways to Learn, Explore and Celebrate Winter All Year

Winter activities and books are fun for all because not all students know what winter is like. Winter is the perfect time to introduce students to different customs, cultures, animals, activities, and more to explore the world. Have fun learning about the most wonderful time of the year, all year long!

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POV Watch Club: Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better

As we do this work of reflection and growth, it is our responsibility as educators to better understand how media can manipulate facts, truths, and histories. We need to provide the learners in our care with the tools they will need to discern fact from fiction, propaganda from informational texts, and perhaps most importantly - history from harmful mythologies. As you take lessons from this moment, it is crucial to cultivate these critical media literacy skills within your professional practice as you continue deepening your...

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10 Resources for your Classroom in 2021

This year has been full of compromises especially when it comes to learning. This one's for you and there is no need to compromise. In this New Year, there is nothing you can’t overcome in your classrooms - look at all the things you accomplished in 2020! With these PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia resources ready at hand, this year is a new opportunity to engage with your students and inspire them with resources for the classroom, ideas for out of school activities, teaching tips, toolkits, and more. 

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