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Are You Filtering PBS LearningMedia Resources by Standards Yet?

We know that every day in the classroom you’ve got a seemingly endless list of tasks to perform and planning to do and never enough time to get it all done. We want to help you use that limited time as efficiently as possible so have made some platform tweaks with that in mind.

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Civic Engagement: Local Histories, Family Narratives and Young Leaders

I can’t believe just two short years ago we were teaching through a presidential election, and now the midterms are just around the corner. During my time as an educator, teaching U.S History and civics to middle school students, I found that oftentimes it was easier for my students to make a connection to the midterm elections during a presidential election year.  This connection is crucial to having our students know and feel that they can participate in our democracy. This is also important in aiding ourselves as educators in...

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10 Grr-riffic DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD Resources on PBS LearningMedia

This year, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood celebrates its 10th anniversary on PBS KIDS, and throughout these years, Daniel and friends have been there every step of the way to help children – and parents, caregivers, and educators – navigate life’s little lessons.

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From Our Teachers, #TeacherAppreciationDay2022

We want to share our appreciation and gratitude for the educators that are changing the world every day. Read these short journal entries from educators across the country on what they were inspired by or what they discovered in the past few years.

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Little Learners Bloom with the Teach Your Way Collection

Growing as a reader. Growing as a writer. Exploring the 5 senses. Understanding spatial skills. These early learning skills are some that every teacher strives to teach their young learners. PBS LearningMedia helps children learn these necessary skills and gain confidence, grow and blossom. Find the whole resource set in the Teach Your Way collection of PBS LearningMedia. 

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Using Media for Classroom Learning and FUN

The daily to-do list, the daily news, the daily schedule - how in the world can we as educators be thinking about FUN!? It's the last thing on our minds. And, if we as adults feel like we are getting lost in our days, what about our learners? We know that classroom curriculum can come off as repetitive and not engaging, but don't worry. We are here to offer some simple ways to spice up your days and spark classroom engagement and fun through media integration into your classroom. Whether it's co-viewing videos, reimagining...

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Experimenting and Exploring the Wonders of Nature with Young Learners

As teachers began the 2021 school year, we may have discovered many lapses in our students’ social skills. Without regular access to extended family members and friends because of the pandemic, we’ve had to specifically target teaching and practicing the ever important social skills that are foundational to learning. I'm excited to share a few of my class's favorite lessons -- keep reading for fun, engaging ways to learn about the changing seasons. 

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10 Resources for Your Classroom in 2022

Let’s turn the calendar page and say goodbye 2021 – welcome 2022! Let’s unpack the latest, together.

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Thinking Things Through with Alma’s Way

We go through the thinking process all day, every day, as we sift through SO MANY big and small ideas. In the classroom, students go through the thinking process independently and with their peers often. The ideas they consider can lead to both wonderful discoveries and powerful learning experiences. In the PBS KIDS property, Alma’s Way, 6-year old Alma elevates the process of thinking through things while modeling self-awareness, responsibility, and decision making.

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