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Unlearning Thanksgiving: Centering Indigenous Youth Voice | Part 1

In recognition of November being Native American Heritage month, PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs gathered perspectives from Native American students on what Thanksgiving means to them, and the importance of educating others about Native American heritage. Cordelia Falls Down, a member of the Apsáalooke Nation and United Keetoowah Band, is from the Crow reservation of Montana. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Native American Studies-Tribal Governance and Policy at University of Oklahoma. She responded to written...

Voices in Education

Native American Heritage Beyond the Month of November

As Alaska Native mothers, educators, and active community members, we are driven to shed light on what Indigenous students and families experience, in hopes to spark action in educators and administrators nationwide into making schools, curriculum, teaching and learning accurate and inclusive. We have created and shared a number of resources and immediate suggestions for educators. 

An Authentic Look at Thanksgiving

Transitioning for the classroom to the home office - or dining table - can take a lot of effort. Download one of these special backgrounds from your favorite PBS KIDS shows to help fight those "virtual blues." You can easily download any and all backgrounds below. Here’s how: Click on any image to open it at full resolution.Save it to your computer or mobile device. (You can either right-click or click on "Click Here to Download".)Upload as many backgrounds as you'd like, and switch them as you wish! TIP: To ensure...

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Listening and Learning with Storycorps

The Great Thanksgiving Listen prompts students to explore the power of storytelling. This lesson helps students evaluate and reflect on primary sources, and empowers them to use their voices to tell their own. Students will listen and witness the power of history, storytelling and the role that they both play in shaping narratives. Educators, parents, and caretakers can use Siliva’s Legacy as a starting point to prompt conversations to lead into the activity.

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Thanksgiving: Reassessing What You Think You Might Know

Sometimes Native people are expected to know everything about Natives in America. Sometimes it feels like that is one of the many requirements to be authentic or legitimate. If you feel as if you don’t know anything, or that what you know might be wrong — whether you’re Native or not — the books above are either a great place to start or a great place to start reassessing what you think you might know.

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The Importance of Windows and Mirrors in Stories

As teachers, what we choose to teach and talk about matters, and it is our job to choose topics and texts that reflect our students because they matter. For far too long, our Black, Indigenous, and students of color have either seen themselves tokenized, misrepresented, or not represented at all. It is time to reconsider what texts we view as canon, what voices we regard as worthy, and what themes, storylines, and storytelling mediums are considered academic or rigorous. It is time to select the stories that really matter: ones...

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Prioritize Media Literacy with Above the Noise

It might seem odd to write a love letter to a specific form of media, but here it is. As a twenty-year veteran educator who has managed to thrive through many an educational trend, utilizing the Above the Noise videos and the KQED Learn platform with students has been a mainstay in providing students with tools that have transformed consumers into creators and teachers into modernizers. Use Media Literacy Week, which began October 26, to re-think and re-prioritize how we integrate media and media analysis in everything we do.

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Dive into Racial Justice with Above the Noise

Helping students learn about and discuss issues of race and racism during the election season strengthens their ability to share their voice and challenge racial injustice in and out of school. KQED’s Above the Noise is a powerful resource to support meaningful conversations on KQED Learn and in your classroom. 

Voices in Education

Strategies to Deconstruct Media and Encourage Media Literacy

We have the power to shift and course correct with the power of education. Although we use digital media more than ever, we can create brave spaces in our schools and homes that will encourage our children to create, explore and advocate for themselves and others around them. There is power in understanding. Power in choice. Power in expressing opinions.

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