Teacher Recognition Program

The Process

What is the nomination process?


PBS Digital Innovator All Stars and PBS Kids Early Learning Champions are nominated by their local stations. If you are interested in learning if there is a program near you, you can use this station finder tool, and contact your station directly.The PBS Digital Innovator All Star and PBS Kids Early Learning Champion programs do not accept individual, unaffiliated applications.

Local PBS stations nominate educators based on a variety of criteria they set for their own community based teacher recognition programs. Nomination letters often comment on an individual educator’s passion; their bold, high-impact teaching practice; their accomplishments, their connection to both their  peers and to PBS; their demonstrate desire to be a lifelong learner and the level of respect they have earned from peers and supervisors. 

All Star and Champion Nominees are usually also asked to submit a form which includes things like:

  • Biographical Information
  • Recent conference presentations, trainings, or panels 
  • Local or national organizations of which the nominee is a member 
  • Professional social media accounts
  • Pictures or videos

Interested in learning more?


You don’t have to be a Champion or All Star to be a part of the PBS Education community. Here are three top ways to engage:

  • Connect with other educators in our PBS Teachers through our PBS Teachers Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Check out our PBS Teachers’ Lounge for great posts and to learn more about webinars and events hosted by All Stars and Champions (you may even be able to earn credit hours!)
  • Register for PBSLearningMedia, where you’ll find thousands of standards aligned, high quality, and free classroom resources and tools to engage your students.