PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions

The Early Learning Champion Program

What is the PBS KIDS Early Learning Championship Program?


PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions are committed, talented educators who work with young children (infants to third graders). Champions work in a diversity of learning environments: some are certified Pre-K, Head Start and early elementary teachers, others are childcare providers in centers and programs, and still others are family, friends, and neighbors who offer care in their homes. Champions are passionate about their work, enthusiastic about their professional growth and active contributors (or wish to be) to a community of dynamic early educators. 

Once you become a Champion, you’re always a member of the PBS Education family. Champions are celebrated with an awards banquet, and the program generally kicks off with a learning summit. The program comprises a two year journey where Champions are encouraged to find their passion and voice, and pursue a program of both personal and professional growth. Among other opportunities, Champions can expect to:

Be Celebrated

All PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions are invited to attend an awards banquet where their achievements and day-to-day work are recognized and celebrated by their peers, their families, and their PBS stations. Every once in a while, a celebrity stops by to make the evening extra special.

Share Ideas

Share their ideas with thousands of like-minded educators on national platforms, and receive national recognition in press and digital communications as educational leaders and ambassadors for PBS KIDS and PBS LearningMedia.

Follow Their Passion

Every PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion receives support from PBS KIDS and their local PBS station to explore their professional passion, and pursue an area of professional growth. For some educators this has meant working with educators in Alaska to explore culturally responsive teaching, for others it has meant attending conferences on outdoor and environmental learning and for still others it has meant building professional networks at events like NAEYC’s Professional Learning Institute.

Grow Professionally

A key aspect of the PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion program is to have access to new professional learning opportunities locally and nationally. PBS KIDS Champions are often called on to speak to the media, present at conferences, write blog posts, advise on PBS KIDS resources and speak at events. Champions are also encouraged to share ideas and learnings with peers and inside their local communities.