PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Abigail Hurley

Abigail Hurley Wyoming
  • Wyoming PBS
  • Sagebrush Elementary
  • Sheridan, Wyoming

Abigail enjoys teaching 5th grade, but her passion for educational technology extends beyond the regular school day. Two years ago, she was named Wyoming’s STEM Educator of the Year for her work in creating an annual STEM Summer camp at her school. “I love to use technology, whether it is to enhance my lesson, extend students learning, or engage my learners,” she says. “I have seen the impact firsthand…students transform into researchers, problem solvers, and cooperative learners through technology integration.”

Fun Fact: For Abigail, teaching is a family affair.  She admits that her favorite teacher of all time was an 8th grade language arts teacher, her Mom. Abigail mentioned, “She always told me that I was going to be a teacher too, and she was right!”