PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Alejandro Picazo

Alejandro Picazo California
  • KPBS
  • Rancho del Rey Middle School
  • San Diego, California

Alejandro values personal connections highly, and describes himself as a ”caring educator.” English was not his first language, so growing up, he relied heavily on two resources in his school: his teachers and the library. “I remember feeling special when teachers called me by my nickname.  Only friends and relatives used that name.  This made their relationship with me personal.” Alejandro, now a school librarian, vividly remembers spending time in the library, being surrounded by books.  Books, he explains, were an invitation to enter new worlds. “Growing up, teachers cared about my education.  I strive to do the same. I teach with my heart.  This is the best way to honor those teachers who influenced my life.”

Fun Fact: Alejandro teamed up with his colleague, science teacher Rebecca Soco, to build an organic garden at their school, Rancho del Ray in San Diego.