PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Amber Akapnitis

Amber Akapnitis Arizona
  • Arizona PBS
  • Phoenix Day School for the Deaf
  • Phoenix, Arizona

If you stepped into Amber’s classroom, you would see a productive, fun environment.  But, Amber explains, “my class is busier in the air with hands than sound.” That’s because her students' native language is American Sign Language. Recognizing that she is one of the few signers in her students’ lives, she decided to join a global collaboration project to connect her students with friends from all corners of the globe. “Through technology” she says, “they have seen Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the leaves changing in Atlanta. It makes them real global thinkers.”

Fun Fact: Amber has a unique way of exploring the new cities she visits: geocaching!

Follow Amber on Twitter at @moos0025.