PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Amy Kochensparger

Amy Kochensparger Ohio
  • ThinkTV
  • Eaton High School
  • Eaton, Ohio

Things in Amy’s biology and anatomy classroom can get odd. It’s a learning technique she uses—she introduces a "new and odd" photo, video clip, or short article that proposes a conundrum - an idea that doesn’t quite connect. In approaching the puzzle, students are not only solving problems, but also making decisions about how they will learn about the relevant content.  Puzzles are solved through team-based inquiry investigations around content objectives.  Students utilize Digimatics, Prezis, Gizmos, Kahoot, PBS LearningMedia storyboards and online lab notebooks/portfolios to process their own learning.  “I have a hunger to always learn more and this is reflected in my classroom practices,” Amy says. “I always seek out new ways to engage learners deeply in course content.” 

Fun Fact: Amy is “greener” than most educators.  In fact, she is a LEED Green certified teacher and was awarded the Vectren Energy Teacher of the Year for her work with the Ohio Energy Project and her local “Green Team.”

Follow Amy on Twitter, @treeglitter28@mrskscience222.