PBS Digital Innovator 2017

Andrea Woods

Andrea Woods Missouri
  • Nine Network
  • Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls
  • Saint Louis, Missouri

Andrea's passion for social justice infused with project-based learning and technology, drives her humanities classroom.  She carefully designs her curriculum to inspire her students to become liberated leaders who use technology to create a more equitable world. “I've developed a new pedagogy of teaching: C.T.P.- Culture, Technology, and Projects,” explains Andrea. “For example, I facilitate a project-based learning unit entitled ‘If I Ruled the World...’ where students learn about the rich history of the ancient Egyptian civilization to inform the creation of their own civilizations.” 

Fun Fact: By the end of summer 2017, Andrea will have visited EVERY Six Flags in North America! 

Follow Andrea on Twitter, @MsWoodsTeaches.